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Midland has a Truck Accident Problem. The Personal Injury Attorneys at CarabinShaw are the Solution

Are you in or near Midland, Texas? Did you get hurt in an 18 wheeler or other commercial truck?

Call Carabin Shaw at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family.

There is little doubt on the subject, your average likelihood of suffering an accident involving a truck is higher in Midland than it is in different parts of our state of Texas and is surely much higher than is the national average for truck crashes. You really can’t analyze truck crashes in and near Midland without talking about the large issue that’s important, the energy economy locally. Even though the increase in this industry here in Midland has been just great for the local economy, bringing all the new truckers into our area, there are simply some of these new drivers who are just not qualified to operate their 18-wheelers. What this means is that while there is an increased demand for heavy truck drivers, which has in turn gotten pay up enough be pretty enticing here in the trucking industry in Midland, some of these new truckers are just dangerous on our highways. Without really meaning to, they cause injuries both to each other and to longtime residents of the Midland area watching our roads get more and more crowded.

Getting involved in a crash involving an 18-wheeler or heavy truck is very different from getting involved in a crash with a passenger type vehicle or light truck. The injuries that happen during these kinds of accidents can be much more serious. Additionally, the physical damages to your vehicle are frequently catastrophic.

Midland area residents who have been victimized in this kind of accident really will an experienced law firm which is financed and equipped to deal with claims involving 18 wheeler type accidents. Texas has different regulations and laws which go along with operating a heavy commercial truck. Your attorney really will need to know about and be experienced in this particular area of the law.

Due how the trucking and hauling industry operates, and the specific laws which govern the trucking and hauling industry, the victims of truck crashes may well find out that there are multiple parties actually legally responsible your accident. You and your Midland truck accident lawyer will definitely need to know exactly what to look for after an accident and in the police report to figure out if the accident is legally a result of the company that owns the truck, the driver or if there were defects in the actual truck.

Carabin Shaw’s Midland truck crash lawyers have successfully handled heavy truck crash cases in the Midland area and across all of Texas more than 20 years. We can say with certainty that all of our most horrible and shocking accident results (i.e. drivers that are extremely fatigued but keep driving to meet a deadline, drivers who drive while drunk or intoxicated, drivers who are on drugs and get careless while they are hauling dangerous or hazardous materials) come from our Midland area practice.

Here is the key, most Midland area trucking and hauling companies actually do care about keeping other motorists safe. They actually try very hard to hire only safe drivers. They do not always succeed. When they fail to hire the right drivers, they have to pay for the results. Sometimes they don’t want to. That is when you need Carabin Shaw to make them pay what they legally owe. If you have had such an accident, let Carabin Shaw be in your corner for the fight that may be coming. We can and will help.

Are you in or near Midland, Texas? Did you get hurt in an 18 wheeler or other commercial truck?

Call Carabin Shaw at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family.

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