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Midland Texting and Trucking

Each year, at least 20 million drivers are seriously injured in a collision. In 2011 alone, distracted drivers caused over 3,000 fatalities. In 2013, cell phone fixation while driving caused over 1.5 million crashes, while commercial trucking vehicle related accidents in 2010 claimed over 3,400 lives. Besides driver fatigue and mechanical failures, distracted driving is one of the major causes for commercial truck accidents each year. As technology improves, so does our inclination to look down at our phones when we drive. Don’t let carelessness affect your safety without a proper contingency plan. Texting and trucking attorneys in Midland are here to help.

Due to the sheer size and speed of a commercial trucking vehicle, drivers involved in Midland 18-wheeler accidents are at a higher risk of sustaining serious injuries. Commercial truckers possess control of thousands of pounds of fast-moving metal machinery with the potential to damage surrounding vehicles and persons in a devastating split second. Even slight carelessness from a driver of a vehicle this size has the potential to cause major road hazards capable of inflicting tremendous harm to those in his/her proximity. The possibility of these casualties increases even further when the driver is talking or texting on their phone. This is where Midland texting and trucking lawyers come in. If a commercial trucker has injured you or a loved one in an accident such as this in the Midland/Odessa region, you have legal rights, and you deserve to know them. You are entitled to an understanding of how best to approach the issue and what your options are moving forward. At Carabin Shaw, we want to hear your story, and our Midland texting while driving attorneys are here for you.

Cell phone preoccupation behind the wheel can cause distraction that may result in lane swerving, running a red light, driving into oncoming traffic, or in some cases, injury, and even death. An instantaneous glance away from the road ahead may be the difference between an uneventful lane drift and a debilitating collision. There is a reason many states across the country have heightened their focus on legislation pertaining to cell phone-related traffic hazards in the past ten years. Serious accidents can be avoided if drivers just give their undivided attention to the road, including Midland texting and trucking collisions. If you fall victim to a commercial truck driver distracted by their cell phone and they cause you reparation or damages in Midland and the surrounding area, do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at Carabin Shaw.

Our team is prepared to provide you with an obligation-free consultation at no charge to discuss your legal options. We will fight at all costs for the compensation that you deserve. Carabin Shaw has a profound understanding of the rules and regulations of safe vehicle operation as they pertain to the trucking industry. Our Midland texting and trucking lawyers will execute a thorough investigation, and we will not rest until we gather all necessary information that may aid us in constructing a watertight case in your defense. This includes obtaining the driver’s cell phone records and any other evidence that may prove their wrongdoing beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Our Midland attorneys want to ensure that we augment your ability to fight against the dangers of inattentive commercial truck drivers. To maximize your ability for compensation, we recommend you do not discuss your injuries with anyone from the trucking company in question, and especially do not sign any documents before consulting with one of our lawyers at Carabin Shaw. Any information you might give out without proper legal mediation may prove to be the difference in our ability to best build your case moving forward.


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