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Midland Truck Driver Negligence

We all get that feeling of insecurity when driving next to a semi truck. The instinct is to get away from them as fast as you can in hopes that you don't have to deal with another one in the future. Unfortunately, there are over 5 million semis out there. This makes your chances of seeing another semi truck, just like the one you tried desperately to separate yourself from, extremely likely. There is good reason behind this feeling of anxiety. There are over 500,000 truck driving related accidents a year. If these accidents happen to be fatal, the cost is well around $3 million in damages. These semi trucks have huge blind spots, making it more difficult to see the most common cars on the road. That being said, some of these drivers continue to drive negligent even with this handicap. If you live in Midland, then you definitely understand the anxiety of driving next to these massive trucks, and as I’m sure you know, Midland 18 wheeler accidents are far too common.

Truck drivers passing through Midland spend many hours on the road and it is expected that they drive alert and be attentive when behind the wheel. Unfortunately many have been known to drive aggressively, speed, text, and drive under the influence. Truck drivers and trucking companies are negligent when they fail to exercise reasonable care for the other drivers on the road. This negligence can put you and your loved ones in a very dangerous position out on our roads. The law states that a driver can only drive 11 hours with a 10hr break in between. Many truck drivers break this law becoming tired at the wheel, which severely decreases their reaction times and increases the amount of danger on our roads. Midland truck driver negligence is a real thing, and you need to know how to protect yourself when you are affected by this negligence. Carabin Shaw can offer you an expert Midland truck driver negligence lawyer.

If a negligent driver caused you or a loved one injuries, you have legal rights to receive compensation. Our lawyers are highly experienced in handling Midland truck driver negligence cases. If a commercial truck driver was texting while driving, fatigued while driving, falsified driver logs, improperly secured or overloaded their cargo or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we can help you. Let Carabin Shaw provide you with a Midland truck driver negligence lawyer .Our lawyers will tirelessly fight for your right to receive compensation. There is no time to wait if you have been affected by a negligent driver. The trucking companies know how their drivers should be operating on the road. If they allow their drivers to be negligent and cause serious injuries to innocent people out on our roads then we must stop at nothing to receive compensation for those injured in these types of incidents.

Negligent commercial truck drivers should be held accountable if they are putting others drivers at risk or have caused serious injury to another driver or passengers. Carabin Shaw knows the complexities that can arise from dealing with commercial trucking companies and their insurance companies and are prepared to take them to trial. An experienced trucking accident lawyer can determine which legal option to pursue and what compensation you are entitled to. Having a knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer who is familiar with the litigation and investigation process is important.

Carabin Shaw will protect your legal rights against Midland truck driving negligence, along with the trucking company and their insurance companies. Our attorneys will stop at nothing to make sure that those that caused your injuries are held responsible.

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