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Midland Work Injury Attorneys

After suffering from a Midland work injury, you may be unsure of what options are available to you. Although work safety and awareness have come a long way, life-altering accidents can, and do, happen at any time. Workplace injuries are common, and can cause devastating harm to a victim. If you or someone close to you has been the victim of a workplace injury in Midland, Texas, attorneys at Carabin Shaw will fight for the justice that you deserve.

Midland is home to numerous big businesses, all of which require workers to be in potentially dangerous circumstances. Although it is the duty of an employer to protect their workers, not all supervisors are invested in doing so. Construction jobs, oil site jobs, and even a common restaurant position all come with the dangers of workplace injuries.

If you have been the victim of a work injury in Midland, Texas attorneys at Carabin Shaw are some of the top experts available to help you file your claim. Whether you are facing expensive medical bills, missed wages, or other financial struggles, our lawyers will guarantee that you have the time to focus on your recovery. Experts at Carabin Shaw will help you to file your claim, communicate with insurance agencies, investigate the circumstances of your accident, and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible.

What Can a Work Injury Look Like?

Carabin Shaw’s work injury attorneys in Midland are experts in their field, and understand that work injuries can be varied. Although injury is more common in more physically intensive fields where sudden harm is common, there are also the growing pains and struggles that develop slowly over time.

Impact Injuries

Impact injuries, such as slip and fall accidents, are some of the most dangerous accidents a worker can experience. Head trauma, spinal injuries, and broken bones are only a few of the damages that can be sustained. Whether it be due to the lack of alerts on a construction site or an icy or wet floor in a restaurant, if your injury occurred at the fault of another individual then you may be entitled to compensation.

If improper maintenance of machinery, or negligent behavior by supervisors, resulted in such an injury then the first step to attaining compensation is by working with an expert attorney. Carabin Shaw’s client reviews attest to the quality service that our lawyers provide

Muscle Strains and Overexertion

Common among warehouse and construction jobs within Midland, muscle strains and repetitive strain injuries often result in long-term pain. Causes include improper lifting technique, collapsing structure, and repetitive work without being allowed a break. While an employer should require training for how to avoid such injuries, many midland work injuries are still caused by overwork or overexertion.

Exposure to Dangerous Environments and Substances

Individuals who work around hazardous chemicals or loud environments commonly suffer from injuries to their eyes, ears, skin, and respiratory systems. This is especially common around Midland’s construction and oil-based industries.

Working with top attorneys at Carabin Shaw will guarantee that your case is the strongest it can be. Our free case review / initial consultation provides quality support at no cost to you, so that financial struggles are never part of the equation when seeking an attorney.

Midland Work Injury Attorneys | Carabin Shaw

After a devastating work injury accident, it is vital that you seek the guidance of a law firm with a long history of success. At Carabin Shaw we have fought for the rightful compensation of personal injury victims for over thirty years, and we have always put the client first.

In order to ask further questions and to schedule your free consultation, our English AND Spanish-speaking staff are available 24/7 and toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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