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Motorcycle Accident FAQS in Pleasanton

For many motorcycle enthusiasts in Pleasanton, the feeling of riding on the open road is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Unfortunately, that pleasure goes hand-in-hand with a certain amount of danger. Whether commuting or cruising for pleasure, motorcyclists are exposed to greater risk than the average motorist; a motorcycle’s reduced visibility to other drivers, low vehicle inertia, and lack of protection between rider and road increase probability and severity of injury in the event a collision.

If you’ve been in a Pleasanton motorcycle accident, you probably have a slew of problems to face and just as many questions about dealing with them. Medical expenses for your injuries, repair or replacement costs for your motorcycle, and time away from work can quickly destabilize your life, and without answers on how to deal with them, you may be losing important opportunities and resources to assist your recovery.

A Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney from Carabin Shaw can provide the answers to many frequently asked questions in Pleasanton motorcycle accidents. If your accident was caused by another driver’s negligent or unsafe behavior, an attorney can also be instrumental in holding those at fault accountable for your damages. If this situation applies to you, the following FAQ may not only help ease your mind, but make confident decisions on the path ahead.

Motorcycle Accident FAQs in Pleasanton
  1. What should I do after my motorcycle accident?
    Immediately after any road collision, always do the following:
    • Get the contact and insurance information of all other drivers involved and make sure the accident is reported to the Pleasanton police department.
    • Seek adequate treatment for any injuries sustained in the accident as soon as possible.
    • Take pictures of the scene of the accident and any damage to your motorcycle. These could be vital to supporting your case, especially if your side of the story is contested by insurance providers.
  2. If my injuries aren’t serious, should I still see a doctor?
    Yes, always see a doctor after an accident involving another driver. Injuries suffered in collisions may not always be immediately apparent, and if they surface after your claim is closed, it will be too late to seek reimbursement for their treatment.
  3. Should I accept a settlement offer from insurance companies?
    Never accept the first settlement offer, even if it seems good. Insurance companies aren’t in the business of charity, and enticing you to hastily accept a low estimation is their best bet to avoid paying how much your claim could be really worth.
  4. If the accident wasn’t my fault, who could be held liable?
    There are many parties that can be held liable for the damages of your accident – even if no other driver was involved. Aside from other drivers, the most commonly liable parties include:
    • Employers of workers driving on the clock in a collision
    • Manufacturers of faulty parts and equipment
    • Pleasanton authorities responsible for poorly maintained or improperly constructed roads or improvements.
    Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often unfairly targeted for blame because of stigmas as risk-takers and dangerous drivers. If you find the tables turned against you, you may need a skilled accident attorney fighting on your side.
  5. What damages can be compensated in a motorcycle accident?
    Motorcycle accidents can have dire consequences that can be wide-spread and linger long after the wreck is over. This is why it is so important to file a comprehensive claim with a knowledgeable attorney, so you aren’t facing unexpected repercussions alone down the road. The damages your claim should include are:
    • Medical treatment and prescription costs
    • Long-term health and rehabilitation costs
    • Value of property damaged or lost in the accident
    • Emotional and physical pain and suffering
    • Lost wages or income due to time away from work
    • Expected future earnings lost due to inability to work or permanent disability
  6. Is a motorcycle accident attorney expensive?
    Your accident injury claim is about reimbursing your financial losses, not adding to them. Costs of court filing fees, accident reconstruction specialists, record requests, and attorney services should never be an obstacle to justice – that’s why we work for our clients on a contingency-fee basis, which means you never pay for our services out of pocket, and all costs are covered by compensation awarded when we win your case.

If after reading this Motorcycle Accident FAQ in Pleasanton you suspect that you might be in danger of losing vital compensation for your motorcycle accident, call us for a free consultation with our attorneys in Pleasanton about the possibilities of your case.

For over 22 years, Carabin Shaw has been defending the rights of victims across Texas in all manner of personal injury cases. The unparalleled expertise of our lawyers has created a record of successfully winning compensation for thousands of motorcycle accident victims.

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