Driver Loses Control and Crashes Into West-Side House

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Does a person still have to pay damages if the loss of vehicle control was not their fault?


Driver Crashes Into West-Side Home After Losing Control of His Car

According to a KSAT News report, a family barely avoided serious injury after an out-of-control driver crashed into their west-side home early this morning.

Police reported the accident happened on the 2800 Block of Morales Street near North Zarzamora Street at around 4 a.m. on January 4th. A man was driving at a high rate of speed when he attempted to pass another vehicle. He lost control of his vehicle during that maneuver and struck the house before rolling. He was reportedly uninjured. No one in the home was hurt, though they had to be evacuated. It is unclear when they will be able to return to the home. The driver was not intoxicated, and there is no word on potential charges.

Did You Know?

35% of all fatal car accidents happen between 6 p.m. and midnight.

Can I Sue if the Other Driver Loses Control in San Antonio?

You already know you could have grounds for a lawsuit if a driver was behaving negligently and caused an accident that injured you. But what happens when a driver loses control and it’s not their fault?

Let’s take a look at how personal injury cases are handled when a driver loses control because of a medical emergency or car malfunction in San Antonio.

Car Malfunction Loss of Control

So what happens if a malfunctioning part causes a car accident? Can you still be compensated?

Yes, you can. Just like with any other kind of defective product, the designer or manufacturer of the part could be held responsible for damages caused by their defects.

A few things must be true in order to make a case about a defective vehicle part:

  • The defect must have caused the accident,
  • The driver was unaware of the defect,
  • The driver was unable to avoid the accident.

If the driver was found to be behaving negligently, such as speeding or driving distracted, the defective vehicle part could still be included in the claim, but the accident would likely be found to be the fault of the driver’s actions.

Medical Emergency Loss of Control

What if a person loses control during a medical emergency?

If a medical emergency causes a driver to lose control, certain things must be true in order for them to raise a sudden medical emergency defense:

  1. The medical emergency was sudden,
  2. It was not foreseeable (i.e., no history of a medical condition),
  3. It gave the driver no time to react,
  4. It caused the driver to lose control.

If the sudden medical emergency defense is successfully raised, you can still be compensated for your injuries. Compensation would come from your own insurance policy, similar to if an uninsured driver hit you.

Hit by an Out of Control Driver? Call Carabin Shaw.

Is your claim being denied because an out-of-control driver claimed a medical emergency or defective part caused your accident? We can help.

You shouldn’t have to pay for an accident that was completely out of your control. We have a team of investigators and legal experts who can determine if any evidence exists that the other party is wrongfully denying your claim.

We have 30 years of experience representing those injured by out-of-control drivers in San Antonio and the resources needed to represent your claim. Contact us for a free case evaluation via live chat or phone at 800-862-1260 today. We look forward to serving you.

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