Fireworks Cause Dozens of Fires in Bexar County Around New Year’s Eve

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Suing for firework property damage and personal injury in San Antonio.

Firefighters Respond to Dozens of Fireworks-related Calls in Bexar County

According to a KSAT News report, the Bexar County Fire Dispatch responded to dozens of calls related to fireworks over New Year’s Eve in Bexar County.

The Bexar County Fire Marshall’s Office reported receiving almost 3,000 emergency and 3,202 non-emergency calls between December 28, 2023, and January 1, 2024. Of those, 107 were related to fireworks and included:

  • Nine fires were related to fireworks
  • One was a residential garage fire. The fire was extinguished without causing financial loss.
  • Three vehicle fires caused a total property loss of approximately $50,000.
  • Two grass/brush fires.
  • One fence fire caused damage of approximately $2,000.
  • Two trash fires did not cause a significant loss in dollar value.

No injuries were reported as a result of these fires.

Did You Know?

15,600 people were injured by fireworks in 2020, with 10,000 receiving emergency treatment.

Liability for Firework Injury and Property Damage in San Antonio

Fireworks elevate holiday celebrations worldwide and provide a thrilling activity for adults and children across San Antonio. However, fireworks can be dangerous.

Tens of thousands are treated for fireworks injuries every year, and many people wake up on New Year’s Day to find their vehicles damaged. Just like other injuries in San Antonio, if a firework accident hurt you or your child because of someone’s negligence, you can file a personal injury claim. Also, if a rogue firework damaged your car, you may also be able to file a claim for that.

My Neighbor’s Fireworks Damaged My Car! Can I Sue?

In Texas, if a neighbor’s fireworks damage your car, you can file a civil lawsuit for damages. This is also true for damage to your home. As long as you did not participate in the fireworks display, an argument can be made that your neighbor’s actions were negligent.

Homeowner’s insurance may also cover the damages if your policy includes that.

Important Note: If you believe the damage to your vehicle was intentional, call the police ASAP.

I Was Injured by a Firework in San Antonio! Can I Sue?

Yes. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, multiple parties may be to blame.

  1. The Homeowner — Homeowners have a responsibility to keep guests safe. If you were hurt at someone’s home, they may be held responsible for your injury.
  2. The Firework Manufacturer — If a product defect caused your injury, the manufacturer may be held responsible for your injury.
  3. The Retailer — If a retailer sold you a defective firework, whether or not they knew it was defective, they may also be held responsible for your injury.

The general rule of thumb for all personal injury claims is there must be negligence from the other party in order to make a claim. Find out what negligence means from this article.

Compensation may come from more than one of the above parties. For specific details on what applies to your case, use the live chat feature or call 800-862-1260 to schedule an appointment with one of our personal injury attorneys for free.

Injured by a Firework in San Antonio? Call Carabin Shaw.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

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