Man Arrested Months After Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident Due to Surveillance Video Footage

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Street cameras can be instrumental in catching hit-and-run drivers.


Street Camera Footage Leads to Arrest in Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident

According to a KSAT News report, a man was arrested for a fatal hit-and-run accident in October after evidence was collected from a nearby school and business surveillance camera footage.

According to Bexar County Jail records, 55-year-old Fernando Castro Alvarez was arrested and charged with collision involving death on Sunday, January 7th. The arrest warrant describes that Alvarez was driving his 1998 GMC Sierra on the 700 Block of Bandera Road when he hit a man crossing the street, all of which was caught by surveillance video footage. The vehicle was found to be owned by Alvarez, who fled the scene when law enforcement arrived. Location data from his phone showed him to be at the location of the accident at the time of the accident, though he told investigators he couldn’t remember where he was on that date.

Did You Know?

Fewer than 10% of hit-and-run cases are solved nationwide.

Surveillance Camera Footage and Car Accidents in San Antonio

Have you ever been told to take note of any cameras that could have recorded your auto accident?

Surveillance footage can be instrumental in your auto accident case, especially in a hit-and-run accident. A video of what happened is the most tangible kind of evidence you can present.

In this blog, we’ll look at the types of surveillance video that can be used in San Antonio auto accident cases and how they can be used in your accident claim.

Types of Surveillance Footage

In 2024, cameras are everywhere. Almost everyone has a smartphone or other recording device catching virtually every moment of our lives. Footage that can be used in accident claims in San Antonio can come from:

  • Smartphones — Almost every phone nowadays has a camera. Bystanders and witnesses may have recorded the accident.
  • Video Doorbells — Almost every neighborhood will have someone with a video doorbell, which may catch accident footage.
  • Security Cameras — If your accident was near a school or business, their security cameras may have captured your accident.
  • Street Cameras — A majority of accidents happen at intersections, which works to your advantage since many are equipped with cameras.
  • Dash Cams — If either driver or a third party captured dash cam footage of the accident, that can also be used in an injury claim.

Surveillance Footage and Your Claim

Fortunately, video footage can be used to bolster your claim, providing concrete evidence like:

  • Vehicle Make and Model,
  • License Plate Numbers,
  • Reckless Driving Behavior,
  • and the Condition of the Other Driver.

This video footage can also be used against you, however. Insurance company investigators will try to get their hands on any footage of you that may diminish your claim.

For example, investigators may use footage to show that you are not as injured as you claim or that you contributed in some way. They may also use any social media posts of your accident to claim that you are not in pain if you are shown smiling or laughing.

Camera Catch Your Car Accident? Call Carabin Shaw.

Our team of investigators can help you with surveillance footage after your accident by:

  • Locating video that helps your case,
  • Providing counsel on safe social media use after an accident,
  • Preventing the improper use of video against your case.

Video footage is often lost within 72 hours of an accident, so act fast! Contact Carabin Shaw today at 800-862-1260 or use the live chat feature at the bottom right of your screen. We look forward to serving you.

Contacting a Carabin Shaw attorney is free and does not obligate you to work with the firm.

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