Teenage Motorcyclist Killed After Striking Barrier, Running Off the Road

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Heavy construction can make motorcycle riding difficult, even for experienced riders.


Young Motorcyclist Strikes Barrier, Signpost in Single-Vehicle Accident

According to a KSAT News report, a teenage motorcyclist is dead after losing control of his motorcycle and crashing into a barrier on Sunday.

Police reported the incident occurred at around 2:15 a.m. on December 17th, on the North Loop 1604 exit ramp to Bulverde Road. The teenager lost control of his motorcycle for unknown reasons, striking the barrier. The impact redirected the bike into a street sign, causing him to be thrown from the motorcycle. No other vehicles were reportedly involved in the accident. The teenager was transported to the hospital in critical condition, where he later died of his injuries.

Did You Know?

Something as simple as a change in the road grade can cause a motorcycle to spin out.

Safe Motorcycle Riding in Construction Zones

Peak riding season often corresponds with increased road construction work in San Antonio, and this creates potentially dangerous situations for motorcycle riders.

Sudden traffic stops, merging traffic, road debris, and shifting lanes can cause even the most experienced riders to trip up. Other drivers sharing the road with you have a responsibility to watch out for you and drive safely, and construction companies have a responsibility to avoid placing hazards in your path. But we both know that doesn’t always happen.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take that will increase your safety while riding through construction zones, regardless of the behaviors of other drivers and construction crews.

Safety Tips for Riding Through Construction Zones in San Antonio

Sometimes, you can’t avoid highway construction even if you want to. For those situations, follow these tips:

  • Watch for Uneven/Grooved Pavement — Traffic is often redirected into the shoulder during construction work. Unfinished lanes are also rough and can cause your bike to pull or tilt unexpectedly. Make sure to turn at a sharp angle when shifting between finished and rough pavement if a lane change is necessary.
  • Pay Attention to Traffic — Construction often causes traffic to stop suddenly. Make sure to watch your mirrors and plan an escape path if the traffic behind you isn’t paying attention.
  • Increase Your Following Distance — While your bike can be majorly affected by road debris, vehicles often plow right through it and clear a path for you. Give yourself an extra cushion to ensure that you aren’t hit by flying debris, and give yourself plenty of time to react to accidents or obstacles.
  • Watch for Slippery Conditions — Freshly painted roads can be slippery, especially if the paint has reflective beads mixed in. This can make it easier for your wheels to lose traction, similar to riding on ice.

Driving through construction zones is never fun — but with these tips, you can make your next ride a safer one this holiday season.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident in a Construction Zone? Call Carabin Shaw

You can do everything right and still be injured in a construction zone accident. Reckless or distracted drivers and negligent construction crews can put you in serious danger despite your going the extra mile to keep yourself safe.

Motorcycles are often assigned blame in accidents when they did nothing wrong. Don’t take it lying down.

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