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Next Steps After a Wrongful Termination in Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas is a town comprised of mostly oil, gas, aerospace, ranching, and agriculture employees. Getting fired from any of these industries can make for a difficult period of financial stress, especially if you are fired wrongfully after you have attempted to do the right thing.

What are the next steps after a wrongful termination in Midland, Texas? Although every case is different and every set of circumstances unique, there are a few similarities about how everyone should approach filing a wrongful termination settlement.

Wrongful Termination in Midland, Texas: What To Do Next

After a case of wrongful termination, what to do next depends entirely upon your circumstances. How you respond can be just as important to your situation as how your employer retaliated.

From the moment you first learn about your firing, and you believe you may have been wrongfully terminated in Texas, your case begins. If filing a wrongful termination settlement applies to your situation, there are a few next steps after a wrongful termination in Midland, Texas that you should follow:

Think Before You Act

If you are called into your boss’ office, and unexpectedly find that you are being terminated, many people’s first reaction is to be upset or even angry. But the worst thing you can do is to react unwisely in some way and make your own situation worse.

This is crucial in part because of the exceptions that may be referenced in a case of wrongful discharge, including the ‘Sabine Pilot’ exception. Sabine Pilot claims refer to those in which it can be proved that someone has been fired for refusing an illegal act. If your superiors have ordered you to comply with any illicit or criminal behavior, and you refuse, the Sabine Pilot rule is in place to protect you from employer retaliation.

Ask Questions

Ask why you’re being fired. Don’t be afraid to inquire with those who made the executive decision, and find out if they can justify it. If your company has human resources personnel, consult with them.

Remaining vigilant and informed about the circumstances surrounding your firing includes not taking whatever severance package they offer you at face value. Go to your boss prepared with questions about how long your severance should last and whether your severance package includes continued access to health benefits.

Review Your Employment Contract

Not every worker’s employment agreement is solidified in writing. But if your hiring included the signing of a contract, now would be a good time to read it over and familiarize yourself with the specifications and limitations previously set forth.

Compile Evidence/Get It In Writing

An employment lawsuit is only as successful as the provable facts of the case. After you have reviewed your employment contract and you understand the parameters of your own employment, get everything in writing.

Consult an Employment Lawyer

Filing for damages in the form of a whistleblower settlements (those in which a worker contests wrongful termination after a case of employer retaliation) are obtainable as long as you can prove employer culpability.

After you have read your employment contract, determine the parameters of your severance package, and you believe you may have a case of wrongful termination on your hands, it’s time to hire legal representation as you begin the process of filing your lawsuit.

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