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Swimming Pool Accident Caused by Negligent Supervision

Accidents happen quickly around swimming pools in San Antonio. We rely on lifeguards and other supervisors to keep us and our children safe while in the water, but sometimes they do not uphold their duty. Negligent lifeguards or inadequate supervision can lead to accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Negligent supervision cases generally start in public locations where there is a staff responsible for providing safety for swimmers, such as public pools, water parks, and club pools. These establishments must offer safe environments for all guests. If you have suffered a swimming pool accident caused by negligent supervision, you need someone on your side to help you out. The team at Carabin Shaw is on your side. By dealing with an expert San Antonio swimming pool injury lawyer, you may increase your chances of getting compensation.

What Constitutes Negligence in Swimming Pool Cases?

Pool owners and public pools in San Antonio are responsible for providing a safe environment for guests. If they fail to provide the equivalent of what a reasonable person would do in a given circumstance, this could constitute negligence. Usually in swimming pool accidents, negligence comes in the form of inadequate barriers, warning signs, equipment, or supervision. Talk to a San Antonio personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one has recently suffered a swimming pool accident. You will need an attorney on your side.

Negligent Lifeguards

When there is an accident and it is proven that the owner, operator, or supervisor failed to provide adequate supervision, they may be held liable for any injuries caused by said accident. A San Antonio swimming pool injury lawyer can help you build a case against negligent pool owners and supervisors. Lifeguards are often the subject of negligence cases because they are hired to protect and provide safety for swimmers, but can fail at their duty for a number of reasons. Here are a few common instances of negligence which lifeguards and property owners can be held liable for:

  1. Distraction - Lifeguards are required to keep a keen eye on the pool and the behavior of swimmers, but sometimes they can be distracted by looking at their cell phone, talking to a friend, or sleeping on the job. If a lifeguard takes their focus away from the pool, it creates an opportunity for an accident to occur. If an accident does occur while a lifeguard or supervisor is distracted, they may be held liable. A San Antonio accident lawyer can help you make sure they pay.
  2. Inadequate ability or training - Lifeguards are required to have certain levels of certification when supervising a public pool. If a property owner did not properly verify these credentials or provide the appropriate training, they could be held liable. Contact a San Antonio personal injury lawyer if you believe an under-certified lifeguard caused you swimming pool accident.
  3. Failure to react to life-threatening situations promptly - Lifeguards have a duty to react to dangerous situations quickly and appropriately. If it can be determined that a lifeguard did not react to a dangerous situation as quickly as can be reasonably expected, they may be held liable. A lawyer can help you determine whether or not your accident was caused by a negligent lifeguard or not.
  4. Allowing overcrowding - Lifeguards are responsible for maintaining a safe number of swimmers in a pool at any given time. If the lifeguard allows the pool to become overcrowded, this can increase the risk of accidents.
What to Do After A Swimming Pool Accident Caused by Negligent Supervision

Collect as much evidence from the scene as possible including witness testimonies and contact information. You will need to contact a San Antonio accident lawyer quickly. These cases can be complex and require the help of an attorney. Carabin Shaw has handled many swimming pool accident cases and can help you today. It is critical to have a San Antonio personal injury lawyer in your corner. If you or a loved one have been injured in a swimming pool related accident, speak to an expert, local lawyer today at 210-222-2288.

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