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What Compensation is Available After a Midland 18 Wheeler Accident?

Because the Permian Basin is the heart of the oil and gas boom in the United States, West Texas cities like Midland are experiencing increased growth and activity. Accidents increase as more vehicles pass through the area. Because 18 wheelers are massive, they pose a distinct hazard to surrounding motorists if something goes wrong. If you were in a crash with a semi truck, you might need help navigating your trucking injury claim. Luckily, the Midland truck accident lawyers of Carabin Shaw have the experience to help.

What You Need for a Settlement

Successful settlements in Midland 18 wheeler accidents rest on proving the following four criteria:

  1. The accused party had a duty of care to you: When any motorist gets in the driver’s seat, he or she is promising to uphold the laws of the road. Truckers, in particular, also need to comply with industry-specific regulations.
  2. The accused party breached that duty of care: For truck drivers, this breach could include speeding, failing to signal a lane change, failing to yield, exceeding weight limits, poorly loading cargo onto the truck, and falsifying driving logs.
  3. This breach of duty caused you harm: Your lawyer will need to successfully draw a connection between the trucker’s reckless or negligent behavior and your wreck. In Texas, you need to prove that the other driver was at least 50% responsible for the accident.
  4. You suffered damages as a result: Good record keeping after Midland 18 wheeler accidents is essential because it helps prove that you were proactive in managing your losses after the crash. As evidence of damages, you need medical records, crash reports, and any other related documents. An attorney can assist you in collecting this information.

If you are overwhelmed at the prospect of proving these conditions on your own, a truck accident lawyer in Midland can help.

What Does a Successful Settlement Look Like?

Many people who survive auto accident ask, “What compensation is available after a Midland 18 wheeler accident?” While each crash is different, some common factors can determine the value of your settlement. They include:

  • Liability: In Texas, it’s possible for drivers to share fault in an accident. The best settlements occur when much of this burden rests on the other driver. Midland truck accident lawyers have a lot of experience proving liability and are ready to leverage that experience in your favor.
  • Property damage assessment: If the accident totals your car, your insurance company will likely pay only the “blue book value,” which varies based on your car’s make, model, year of manufacture, and mileage. Newer, well-maintained cars will likely receive better insurance payouts.
  • Medical expenses: Your attorney will help you look over past medical bills and calculate reasonable future expenditures. Generally speaking, more severe injuries with longer recovery times lead to larger settlements. While this category seems cut and dry, the trucker’s insurance company may argue that your treatment was excessive or is too costly to cover. It’s crucial to follow your doctor’s orders and choose the right lawyer to advocate for you after Midland 18 wheeler accidents to counter these claims.
  • Pain and suffering: Even though “pain and suffering” is challenging to quantify, certain accidents and injuries qualify for this type of damage. Your Carabin Shaw representative will look at the extent of your injuries and their effect on your life to determine the role that pain and suffering might have in your settlement.
  • Lost wages and earning potential: If the crash rendered you unable to work for any period, you might be able to sue for lost wages.
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If you live in Midland and survived a semi truck collision, you might be wondering, “Where can I find semi truck accident lawyers near me?” Look no further. Carabin Shaw attorneys can help you assemble a strong case.

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