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What Damages Are Available to Houston Burn Injury Victims?

In Houston, people suffer from burn injuries every day. Burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries one can endure, and they’re made all the worse by the bills that come with them. Dealing with an injury is hard enough. Dealing with the costs of treatment, skin repair, and loss of income can be overwhelming when you try to pursue it alone.

If you or a loved one is a Houston burn victim, you need someone who will fight to get you proper compensation. The Houston accident lawyers at Carabin Shaw advocate for victims of burn injuries to hold the negligent parties accountable. When you’ve suffered a serious burn that requires substantial medical attention, you should talk to a burn injury lawyer in Houston about how they can help you in this tragic time.

Types of Burns

Burn injuries can happen in a number of different ways in Houston including car accidents, house fires, electrical shock, and more. Depending on the cause of your accident, there are different types of burns you may suffer.

Below are the three common types of burn injuries:

  1. Thermal

    Of all types of burns, thermal burns happen most often. Car accidents, kitchen fires, and gas explosions are a few of the many ways one can suffer thermal burns. Thermal burns are caused by steam, hot liquids, fire, and other sources of high heat. They can be further broken down into four categories: flash burns, flame burns, scald burns, and contact burns. Talk to a lawyer if you’ve suffered thermal burns.

  2. Chemical

    Another type of burns is chemical burns. When the skin comes in contact with strong alkaline substances or acids, it will cause serious injury until the compound is inactivated. It seems counterintuitive, but alkalis—not acids— typically lead to more severe injuries because they react with lipids in the epidermis. A number of household cleaners can cause chemical burns including ammonia, bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, and more.

  3. Electrical

    Electrical burns are common in the workplace, occurring at places such as restaurants, offices, construction sites, and others. They happen when someone interferes with an object carrying an electric current such as machinery, an exposed wire, or an electrical socket.

    The damage from electrical burns can be below the surface, so it’s important to visit a doctor after your accident. An attorney can answer any questions you have.

What Damages are Available to Burn Victims

After suffering from burn injuries in Houston, you may be entitled to compensation. The damages that you could earn are broken down into two broad categories: economic and non-economic damages.

If you’re wondering what damages are available to Houston burn injury victims, the following is a list of what you could be compensated for:

  • Medical bills - After an accident, you’ll need to visit the hospital, get medicine, and possibly undergo treatment. You can be compensated for all of your medical expenses.
  • Loss of income - If you miss work due to an accident, you can win back your lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering - When you’re a Houston burn victim, you will likely have pain and suffering, which is considered a non-economic damage.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life - Severe burn injuries can impact your life forever. If someone’s negligence has made you suffer, they should pay for the damage they’ve done.
  • Funerary costs - If a loved one dies due to a burn accident, your lawyer can fight to make the negligent party pay for the funerary costs.
The Law Firm That Will Fight for You

After suffering burn injuries in a Houston accident, you deserve compensation. Working with a burn injury lawyer in Houston can make the difference in getting the damages you rightly deserve. Our Houston accident lawyers at Carabin Shaw always promise to go above and beyond for every client we have. At Carabin Shaw, we’ve won over $1 billion for our clients over the past three decades.

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