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Your Lawyers for 18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

Are you in or near Midland, Texas? Did you get hurt in an 18 wheeler or other commercial truck?

Call Carabin Shaw at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family.

Some of the worst traffic and accidents in our area of Midland involve very large vehicles, some including tractor trailers and 18 wheeler trucks. At least 500,000 accidents involving trucks happen in our country each and every year. These crashes result in at many injuries and at least 5,000 deaths. If you or your loved one has gotten involved with one of these thousands of accidents, a Midland 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer may be exactly what you need.

Approximately one of every eight traffic accident deaths in our country involves a semi-truck, a tractor-trailer or an 18 wheeler. One of the common reasons for these accidents involving trucks is that frequently, the truck operators cannot see what is in specific blind spots scattered all around the large commercial vehicles that they are driving. This happens often in cities such as right here and Midland. Large truck accident lawyers can help you make and litigate your claims, even if a blind spot is not the cause of the accident. Many other vehicular problems may cause accidents including driver negligence or vehicular failure.

Some large commercial truck operators choose to disobey the legal speed limit and/or many of the rules generally governing our roads. Some heavy truck operators drive recklessly or tailgate. Other truck drivers may be untrained or improperly trained. A few may actually be unlicensed to operate such large commercial type vehicles. With their employers pushing them with tough deadlines and very long highway hauls, some will operate their vehicles when they are overly fatigued. Some other heavy truck operators sometimes operate their vehicles, against any and all regulations in the industry, while they are influenced illegal drugs or alcohol. These types of impaired operators sometimes fall asleep literally at their wheels or lack readiness or sufficient attention to avoid accidents. This is even more the case in a congested area like the Texas oil fields and the highways that service them. Your heavy truck and 18 wheeler accident lawyers at Carabin Shaw are in business to help people like you, when there has been an injury because of negligence by a truck driver.

When such things happen to you and cause you an injury it is always important to contact an accident attorney in Midland. Truck crash attorneys in Midland can usually help victims like you get the fair and full compensation for your injuries and your losses which result from heavy truck accidents in Midland and the other cities in Texas.

A good, successful truck lawyer knows the ins and outs of heavy commercial trucks and is dedicated to giving you the best representation to protect your best interests as they relate to any kind of personal injury case. If you hire an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Midland, you can have confidence that you are working with a true professional who is dedicated to your case and who will get you the best chance at the maximum recovery allowed by law.

Call to speak with one of our Midland, Texas attorneys as quickly you can after you’ve been injured in a heavy truck crash!

Are you in or near Midland, Texas? Did you get hurt in an 18 wheeler or other commercial truck?

Call Carabin Shaw at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family.

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