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5 Most Common Medical Malpractice Errors in Rockport

Has your loved one suffered as a result of a medical treatment gone wrong while living in Rockport, Texas? You need to talk with a Rockport medical negligence lawyer at Carabin Shaw now. There are time limitations to proving medical malpractice; the sooner you act to address your concerns, the greater your chance for a favorable outcome. We will provide you a free initial consultation with an attorney who is knowledgeable in the area of medical malpractice, one who can easily identify and prosecute the five most common medical malpractice errors.

Carabin Shaw has a team of highly skilled Rockport malpractice lawyers, proficient in identifying clinical evidence of malpractice. While you may find many medical malpractice statistics, these statistics won’t win your case. Carabin Shaw lawyers know the law and specialize in the area of medical malpractice ready to serve you. It’s representation by an astute lawyer from Carabin Shaw in Rockport that can make all the difference in your medical malpractice case.

5 Most Common Medical Malpractice Errors

1. Misdiagnosis

First is misdiagnosis; an example of misdiagnosis would be when a pregnant woman presents symptoms that may be the result of several different conditions and a complete panel of tests are not run. Rockport physicians should be responsible in asking the right questions and ordering appropriate tests to rule out various health concerns and identify the core issue. It may take several follow-up visits, with multiple tests. Sometimes, due to HMO and other healthcare coverage, physicians limit these tests. When it comes to a patient’s health, cutting costs never justifies failure to run whatever test is necessary to get to the right diagnosis.

2. Delayed Diagnosis

This leads into the next common medical malpractice error – delayed diagnosis. Delayed diagnosis can occur when a referral to a specialist is not accomplished in a reasonable time. Most healthcare plans require physicians to refer patients within an allotted time frame; understaffed offices can result in delay of timely referrals, all impacting timely diagnosis and resulting in potentially life changing consequences. Carabin Shaw attorneys know the law. Delayed diagnosis, whether a result of the physician’s error or that of their staff, can constitute medical malpractice.

3. Childbirth injuries

The third most common medical malpractice error in obstetrics and pediatrics is childbirth injuries. One of the most common causes of birth injuries and cerebral palsy is when an expectant mother runs a fever or suffers an infection that goes undetected and untreated. If a mother’s fever occurs during the time the baby’s brain is developing, the child can develop cerebral palsy. Newborns can also suffer damage to the upper arm area, known as Erb’s palsy, the condition can occur during a long and difficult labor where forceps are used, or the babe presents breech.

4. Medication Errors

Fourth on the list of five most common medical malpractice errors are medication errors. Medication errors can occur when a physician doesn’t update the medication list or fails to compare new notes with patient history. Medication errors also occur when there is a failure to know drug interactions, or failure to listen to the patient when they express how they feel on a particular medication. There have even been errors that involved wrong directions written on the prescription bottle.

5. Surgical Errors

The fifth is that of surgical errors. Surgery is an inherently dangerous field of medicine, and it is not uncommon for procedures to go awry or end in failure without any indications of malpractice. However, if it can be shown that a surgery was performed well below the common standard of care, or that the patient suffered due to gross negligence of the attending surgeon, there may very well be sufficient evidence for a malpractice case.

Common malpractice stories involve sponges or surgical tools left inside of patients after they have been sewn closed, but most incidences of malpractice are subtler. Some of the leading causes are failed tubal ligations, anesthesia errors – which can be especially dangerous – or even operating on the wrong body parts. If something has gone very wrong during your surgery, it’s time to speak to an attorney.

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