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Auto Insurance Claim Do’s and Don’ts

The Dos

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Do immediately call your insurance agent as quickly as possible after covered event happens. Immediately upon getting home from a car accident, even before you schedule to go to your doctor, call your insurance agent.

Do collect and review your insurance coverage before you talk to any insurance company or your insurance agent. Make sure to read the "Coverage" and "Exclusion" sections summarized on the declarations page of your policy particularly closely.

Do make and retain detailed written notes of all of your communications with insurance adjusters, agents and other insurance representatives. Get the phone numbers, names, and job titles of all people you talk to. This should include supervisor names.

Do think about whether you may have coverage under another insurance policy also. A lot of people have coverage for a claim under more than just an auto policy. Specifically, check your homeowner’s policy, any "umbrella" policies, and all paperwork that came along with any credit cards you have.

Do take photos, if at all possible. That does not suggest that you sneak a "PatientCam" into any surgery with you. However do take photos of your vehicle, damaged home, or any injuries if possible.

Do be forthcoming and honest with any agents of your insurer. Even if it is an embarrassment, it is best if the insurance company knows all relevant facts. Failure to be honest with your insurance company may invalidate any policy or be the cause of a coverage denial.

Do see the monetary difference between full replacement coverage and actual cash or depreciated value. If the policy provides for full replacement coverage, you shouldn’t settle a property damage or loss for the "actual cash value" of the item in question. You may well need to actually replace your lost items out of pocket before you can get the full reimbursement payment if the policy provides for replacement coverage.

Do keep any and all receipts for lodging meals, and any purchases made which were to do with time you spent pursuing any claims or in recovering from injuries starting at the time of the event until a final settlement goes through with the insurance company.

The Don'ts

Don't permit any written or recorded statements to representatives of any insurance company until you understand all of your insurance coverage. Keep in mind that you aren’t required to permit any insurer to record any telephone conversation. If you aren’t sure, call Carabin Shaw. Call us at 361.444.1111, local if you’re in Corpus Christi.

Don't simply accept the appraisal or estimate of your damages which is given to you by any insurer. Insurance companies frequently try to talk you into accepting their contractor or estimator's replacement or estimates. These can be lowball. DON'T sign anything of any kind from any insurer before you get good advice from a lawyer. A difficult financial situation following major losses or damages might make it look necessary for you accept an inadequate, premature, other property other claims. Simply, it is highly advisable to seek the advice from an

Don't sign anything called a release and don’t cash or accept any payment that has “final payment" written on it. Call Carabin Shaw as early as possible.

Don't forget or ignore time limitations. You usually only get two years to file suit before Texas’ statute of limitations expires. Also do not forget any time limits contained in your policy.

Don't ever forget that you entered into a legal contract between you and the insurer. Your insurance company has legal obligations to provide give you the coverage it sold to you. Insist upon enforcing that contractual obligation.

If you or your loved one has been injured in an auto accident, please contact us at Carabin Shaw today. You get a free initial consultation. We take injury cases on a contingent fee basis. This means that you never owe us a fee unless we resolve your case and get you a recovery.

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