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Common Damages Questions After a Motorcycle Accident in Corpus Christi - Part 1

How do I pay for a lawyer to represent me? Law Firms which handle Personal Injury cases are generally paid with a contingency fee. Such a fee is a set share of the money that has been successfully gotten by settlement, trial or appeal on the client’s behalf. If there is no money recovered, the Law Firm does not get a fee.

What if my medical coverage isn’t sufficient? There a number of different methods used to pay your medical, therapy and hospital bills. Let your attorney evaluate and analyze your case and determine your options.

Our law firm will do what can do done to ensure that you get the resources you need to obtain the medical care that the professionals think you need. Our law firm will deal with the various insurance companies to work with them to get the money you need for medical care when you have need of it.

How do you/we prove negligence in an accident case involving a motorcycle? Motorcycle crashes are generally caused by failure to act and/or carelessness and in some rare cases real recklessness is provable. Frequently it is a combination of failure to act and/or negligent acts by a person or entity that causes accidents to happen.

Texas Law mandates that each and every person, business entity and their agents owe to everyone else the duty to take actions the same way as a “reasonably prudent person” would take or not take action under the similar or the same circumstances. If and when someone does not take reasonable actions, then that person or entity has violated the legally required duty and will be legally responsible for all injuries or damages that result. These duties are created by prior cases decided over time and by statutory laws enacted by the government.

Accident reconstruction specialist experts are also generally available who have specific testimonial experience and expertise involving motorcycle accidents. Generally, there is physical evidence and are photographs of the accident scene and vehicles involved. This physical evidence is generally used together with testimony from witnesses and accounts from the parties to the accident to prove what actually happened. Usually, each side of a disputed claim or claims points to specific pieces of that evidence, and those witness statements which favor their position. The defendant’s insurance company will weigh and consider the total evidence developed and brought forward by each side of the disputed claim and make its determination of who is more at fault. They will assign a percentage of fault to each party and decide what dollar amount they want to offer as a settlement. If the offered amount is unfair, then our legal team is ready and willing try your case and let a jury make the determination of what is fair compensation for you for your injuries and damages.

Here are Carabin Shaw, we have the experience and knowledge to be your best option after a motorcycle accident. We can help you get treatment for your injuries if you need it. We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

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