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Corpus Christi Car Injury Attorneys

Are you in Corpus Christi? Were you injured in an Auto accident?

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Texas sadly has one of our nation’s worst records for auto accidents. While many of these auto accidents happen each and every day across the Corpus Christi area, fortunately only a few of them lead to extensive and serious injuries. If you have been a victim of a negligent, irresponsible vehicle operator in the Corpus Christi area, you may well be entitled to monetary compensation for your damages and injuries. Contact one of our seasoned Corpus Christi Car Injury Attorneys and let us help you get all the fair monetary compensation you so richly deserve.

Corpus Christi Auto Accidents

Across Texas in 2012, there were almost 63,000 injury involving, serious vehicle crashes, with at least 87,000 different people sustaining serious personal injuries as a result of these crashes. Most collisions in or near Corpus Christi occur in urban areas, but many of these auto wrecks also happen out in our rural communities and areas. Corpus Christi is a city that sits at the intersection of several different Interstate highway systems. This influx of cars and drivers leads to increased potential for potential for vehicle accidents. If you get hurt in such an accident, in a vehicle or as a pedestrian, you’ll really need help from an experienced, seasoned Corpus Christi Car Injury Attorney. Among the leading causes of vehicle crashes are:

  • Speeding is one of the most common causes of auto wrecks in the U.S. Between 2003 and 2012, speeding was factor in a minimum of 30 percent of all fatality auto incidents. In 2012, there were approximately 10,219 fatal crashes whose cause included speeding-related issues.

Distracted Driving

  • Driving while distracted is quickly becoming the most famous cause of auto accidents in the United States. With the popularity and advent of digital and smart phones and other devices, crashes related to distractions while driving have gone up over the past ten years. In 2013, approximately 3,154 people died and approximately 424,000 people were injured in car accidents involving a distracted driver.
Reckless Driving
  • “Reckless driving” deals with general disregard for safety and traffic laws and regulations. It applies to a number of actions, whether they are or intentional. These can include failure to keep a correct lookout, improper lane changes, unsafe accidental changes of direction, failing to obey posted traffic signs, including failure to obey a stop sign. Many things can qualify as reckless driving.

Distracted driving, failure to use a single lane, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and driving too far under a speed limit can be several of our biggest contributing factors to serious and severe accidents. If a vehicle operator is doing any of these things and causes an accident which results in your being injured or a family member getting hurt, you have every right to receive full and fair compensation for your losses and injuries. Except for another driver’s negligent behavior, there would not have been a serious accident and you would not have suffered injuries. Carabin Shaw’s Corpus Christi Car Injury Attorneys are here to help when this happens to people like you.

Are you in Corpus Christi? Were you injured in an Auto accident?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 361-444-1111, local if you’re in Corpus Christi.

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