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Don’ts When in a Car Accident

Are you in Corpus Christi? Were you injured in an Auto accident?

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Most drivers actually know the basic things to do after a car accident. Despite this, make costly, serious mistakes after they get in a vehicle accident. Knowing the “Don’ts when in a car accident” is just as important as making sure you know what to do. Knowing what not to do can help avoid increasing your liability, making your injuries worse and possibly incur penalties. The steps below are a few things NOT do to when you are in an accident.

Don’t Flee From the Scene

Whether not you caused the car accident, it is illegal to flee the from any vehicle accident scene. In Texas, driving off from a crash scene can bring you a “failure to stop and render aid” criminal charge, which is technically a misdemeanor. If the accident killed or injured anyone and you leave the accident scene until told to do so, by leaving you can face felony criminal charges. Being given a ticket by the officer for reckless driving isn’t nearly as bad as hit-and-run charges. Always remain at the accident scene until the proper help arrives and the authorities clear you to leave.

If someone is injured in a vehicle accident, Texas’ law puts an obligation on you to provide what help you can. This legal obligation basically means making sure that the injured person seems okay, calling for appropriate help, and, if necessary, transporting an injured person to the hospital. You are not required to touch or move any injured or hurt person, unless that person has to be moved out of direct harm or to avoid any further injury, such as from an explosion or a car fire. You should try and avoid moving any injured person until the appropriate emergency services arrive. This is to prevent further injury or aggravating an injury. This is especially true if the spinal cord or neck appears damaged.

Fail to Call the Police

Many people believe it’s unnecessary to call police for a minor accident if no one sustained injuries. In reality, someone in an accident should always call 9-1-1, no matter what. The police can assess the damage, identify the cause of the crash, call for help, and protect you in the event of a problem. Making an agreement with the other driver is dangerous. The driver can lie about his or her insurance information or may even be a criminal on the run. Calling the police protects you from untrustworthy drivers.

Do not Give in to Anger

If someone else is responsible for your vehicle accident, it can be all too easy to lash out and become angry at the obviously responsible party. Road rage often happens after car accidents, especially basic fender benders during heavy traffic or accidents involving reckless driving. While you do have every right to get angry with any negligent driver, losing your temper and getting angry at the scene of an accident doesn’t help anyone or get anything done. The other drivers and passengers can even use it in court against you if you wind up involved in a personal injury damages lawsuit.

Are you in Corpus Christi? Were you injured in an Auto accident?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 361-444-1111, local if you’re in Corpus Christi.

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