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Corpus Christi Types of 18 Wheeler Accident Injuries

Accidents involving trucks, including 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers and freight carriers can be devastating even if excessive speeds are not involved. In fact, the sheer weight of these vehicles is enough to do substantial damage even at extremely low speeds.

Semi-truck accidents are often the fault of careless or negligent driving or fleet management. A few common causes of these accidents include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    There is simply no excuse for this. We at Carabin Shaw believe that drunk or drugged out drivers should go to jail. They should also pay, through the nose preferably, for any and all damages they cause. It is possible that a prescription medication was involved which had an inadequate warning. If this is the case, then your claim expands against the drug company and the doctor who didn’t tell the driver not to drive.

  • Texting & trucking

    While this dangerous practice may not be illegal, it can still lead to liability. An 18 wheeler operator has no business doing anything on any mobile device while behind the wheel and driving. If they do, we can help you make them pay for this mistake.

  • Driver Fatigue

    Government regulations limit how many hours per day a trucker can operate a big rig. Government regulations also mandate the rest periods required between driving sessions. There are good reasons for these regulations. When drivers exceed these legal limits it can take a good lawyer to really prove if it was the driver’s fault or the company he or she works for that pressured or mandated that the driver break the rules. Our attorneys know how to do this. They can figure out if it is worth suing the company if a driver has exceeded the rules and driven too much.

  • Improper secured load or overload

    This is another area that can take a good lawyer to sort out. If the load comes off of a big rig, it might be because the driver wasn’t given the right equipment by his or her employer to secure the load. It might be simply because the driver did have the equipment but didn’t use it properly. If a big rig is overloaded, that could be company’s fault or the driver’s fault. Our attorneys have the years of experience needed to figure these things out and get you the best recovery the law allows.

  • Improperly vehicle maintenance

    Finally, there is maintenance. Who is responsible for this depends on who owns the truck. Some big rig drivers own their own truck. Some drivers drive company trucks. Who was responsible for the maintenance differs depending on who owned the truck and what is in the contracts and paperwork that go with every big rig load. Our attorneys can figure out who to sue for improper maintenance using their years of experience in suck cases.

The trucking industry is regulated by a number of laws that oversee how trucking businesses are run and how fleets and other equipment are cared for. Many times an accident involving a semi-truck is the result of failure to abide by one or more of the regulations, or by negligence on the part of the driver or trucking company. We have the experience and determination to fight large commercial transport companies on the behalf of injured persons who have been victims of trucker negligence.

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