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Corpus Christie Texas Hit & Run Accidents

Are you in Texas? Have you or a family member suffered an injury from a “hit and run” vehicle accident?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 1-800-862- 1260. We can help you and your family with evaluating any “hit and run” related injury and determining any possible claims.

Many, if not most, vehicle accident claims are pretty straightforward if and when the party actually at-fault party is determined. However, if you or a family member has been hit by a “phantom” vehicle, it can be very difficult and time consuming to recover the compensation you are entitled to which covers your injuries and any property damage. If you have suffered from any serious injuries after you were involved in a hit and run type accident, you really must get yourself experienced legal help from an experienced trial attorney. Our Corpus Christie Hit and Run Accident Lawyers have litigated many such cases. We offer you free no obligation consultation and all of our injury cases work on a contingent fee basis. Give us a call today.

Common reasons why a person would flee the scene of an accident:

  • Fear of getting caught driving with vehicle insurance or without a license
  • Fear of being arrested and going to jail
  • Drunk or drugged driving

At Carabin Shaw, we have successfully helped many clients recover the compensation to which they are entitled. With more over 20 years of litigation experience, our Corpus Christi attorneys bring a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Texas’ laws to the table to work with you through the details and intricacies of our claims and legal system. Our Corpus Christie Hit and Run Accident Lawyers are standing by for you call. Before you do call us, please read what is below to see what steps to take right after your accident.

Steps You Should Take After any Hit & Run Accident

To obtain the full and fair monetary damages to which you are entitled for your injuries, losses and accident, you need to take immediate specific actions as soon as possible after the incident. First, make a record of as much of the incident information as you can. What was the model and make of the vehicle which fled? What color was it? Did you happen to get the state of and/or all or any of the plate number from their vehicle license plate? The more detailed information you can get and give to both your attorney and the police, all the more likely that one of them can track down the vehicle in question. Carabin Shaw’s Hit and Run Accident Attorneys in Corpus Christie have been tracking down such wrongdoers for many years. We are good at it. Let us help you find the liable party who fled your accident scene.

If you are can’t establish the identity of the at-fault driver who fled, then you may still be able to recover some or all of your compensation from your own insurance carrier. You need to always keep in mind and understand that your own insurance policy carrier is looks out for its own interests, not yours. This means that they will do whatever the law allows and make their best effort reduce your recovery, or even, if they can, deny your claim and any recovery entirely. To protect your own best interests, you really need a veteran, experienced lawyer working on your side.

Let Us Join You in Your Fight Today!

Our Corpus Christi litigation attorneys will, if you want, comprehensively review the facts and circumstances of your individual case and figure out all of your available reasonable legal options which can get you your best chance at the best outcome and recovery possible. Whether or not we can find the perpetrator who fled the scene of your accident, our firm is always committed to working with you to pursue the justice and recovery you legally deserve.

Our Corpus Christi Litigation Attorneys

At Carabin Shaw, our Hit and Run Accident Attorney in Corpus Christie bring more than 20 years of experience to your case. Our reputable and experienced attorneys even make themselves available, when necessary, 24/7 to work with their clients. Discover for yourself out how Carabin Shaw offers the well qualified, bilingual legal advice you can depend on.

Are you in Texas? Have you or a family member suffered an injury from a “hit and run” vehicle accident?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 1-800-862- 1260. We can help you and your family with evaluating any “hit and run” related injury and determining any possible claims.

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