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Harlingen 18 Wheeler Accident

After an 18 wheeler accident in Harlingen, Texas, you may be at a loss for what to do next. Your life has been upended, and not only are you suffering physically and emotionally, but you may also be burdened financially. The medical bills start to pile up, the loss of income from having to miss work—it can be difficult to deal with alone. Knowing who to call after an 18 wheeler accident in Harlingen can be the difference for you and your family. At Carabin Shaw, we believe in helping victims and families get back on their feet after a tragedy like a big rig accident. A Harlingen trucking accident attorney can fight for you and get you the justice you deserve.

The Complexities of Trucking Cases

Compared to cases only involving passenger vehicles, truck accidents are much more complicated. The primary reason for this complexity is that there are multiple potential parties that could be held liable in a trucking accident, including the truck driver, the trucking company, the parts manufacturer, and other third parties. Also, more than one party can be found at fault. Who is liable depends on the unique circumstances of your case, which an experienced Harlingen 18 wheeler accident attorney will be able to investigate.

Who is Liable

In any trucking accident in Harlingen, Texas, one or more of the following parties can be found responsible for your damages:

  1. Truck Driver - Most commonly, the truck driver is the responsible party. Typically, a truck driver’s negligence will cause the accident. Negligence can be speeding, distracted driving, driving under the influence, or more. If you believe the truck driver was at fault for your accident, talk to an attorney.
  2. Trucking Company - If the truck driver was working “within the scope of his employment,” the trucking company can be held responsible as well. The FMCSA has strict guidelines on the number of hours a trucker can be behind the wheel. But sometimes, companies force employees to break these rules, which can leave the trucking company liable when an accident happens.
  3. Parts Manufacturer - If a part malfunctions and it causes the accident, a parts manufacturer can be found at fault. If a faulty part was the cause of your accident, talk to a lawyer.
  4. Owner of the Truck - Truck companies don’t always own the trucks they use. If that’s the case, the owner of the truck could be found responsible if they were negligent in inspecting or maintaining the vehicle. Accident lawyers in Harlingen can tell you more.
  5. Third Party - A number of third parties could be liable, including a mechanic, another driver, the cargo loaders, and more. If you have questions, a Harlingen trucking accident attorney can answer them.
The Categories of Fault

Proving fault requires that you illustrate the at-fault party’s negligence and prove the connection between their negligence and your injuries. The law divides fault into four categories:

  1. Negligence - When someone does not show reasonable care, they are negligent. Negligence is the most common type of fault.
  2. Recklessness - Recklessness is a higher level of negligence where someone exhibits a total disregard for another’s safety.
  3. Strict liability - Strict liability means the party is responsible for damages regardless of negligence. This circumstance most often applies to faulty parts.
  4. Intentional misconduct - When the party knows their actions could result in serious injury or death and they do them anyway, that is intentional misconduct. To learn more, talk to an attorney.
Carabin Shaw Is On Your Side

After a trucking accident, a lawyer can be there for you. Knowing who to call after an 18 wheeler accident in Harlingen is important for the success of your case. Our staff at Carabin Shaw knows how to win 18 wheeler cases, and we’ll fight for you until you get justice. If you need a Harlingen 18 wheeler accident attorney, we’re ready to help you. Call us today at (956) 664-7255 to speak with our accident lawyers in Harlingen.

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