How To Have A Successful Social Security Hearing

The process of applying for Social Security can be extremely daunting. Clients often come to us frustrated with both the system and the time it takes to receive the benefits that they are entitled to. Often times, whether an individual receives benefits or not may come down to how well the Social Security hearing goes. While there are a lot of things about the process that may seem beyond your control, there are several things that you can do to make your hearing more manageable.

  • Be polite, respectful and on time
  • Arrive at the hearing early
  • Take any medications and use any devices that you normally would
  • Be honest and be yourself. This is your chance to tell your story
  • Explain your physical problems or mental impairments
  • Explain why you cannot work
  • Hire the right San Antonio attorney to help you navigate the system and fight for you rights

Most applicants have never been through this process before. Use these tips to help you navigate this difficult process. Start by contacting Carabin Shaw for your Social Security needs.