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Improper or Overweight Cargo in Big Rig Accidents

Improperly loaded cargo is a frequent cause of fatal 18 wheeler accidents on our highways here in Texas. Loads that shift in transit, are overweight or are unbalanced can cause a big rig to lose control.

Properly Loading a Big Rig Truck

The driver of a heavy truck is legally responsible for the safety of the load that they are transporting. Proper truck loading is a key element the safety of the truck, other vehicles on the road and the drivers themselves. The result of a load loss or load shift is frequently a fatal or serious big rig accident.

The truck operator must have thorough knowledge of optimum placement of the load, the cargo weigh, the cargo, and eyeball confirmation their load is secure to avoid serious potential big rig accidents,. During the mandatory pre-trip inspection all cargo must be subjected to a thorough inspection by the truck operator.

Only when the entire load has been sealed and the operator is under instructions not to break the seal on the cargo, that the operator is relieved of responsibility for making that inspection.

Overweight Cargo Loads

Local, State and Federal regulations cover the allowed weight limits for commercial vehicles. These regulations set limits on the tire load, the axle weight the gross combination weight and the gross commercial vehicle weight.

The weight must be balanced so that no axle or a set of axles are overloaded. This is the proper way to load a truck. It is not always how they are actually loaded, especially with oddly shaped or unusual cargo. This is no excuse.

Overloading a heavy truck causes problems. It can affect the braking and steering, which can lead to truck crashes, potential fatal. Overloaded vehicles take longer distances to stop. They are also slower on the upgrades and go faster on the downgrades. When an overloaded truck’s brakes are made to work too much and too hard, they often fail and the result is a big rig accident in Corpus Christi.

Truck crashes often cause litigation. It can be very wise to seek out an experienced, veteran big rig accident lawyer if you or a loved one has gotten injured by a big rig. Our attorneys at Carabin Shaw fully understand the unique and complex practical and problems that come with big rig accidents and other kinds of truck crashes. We have the experience needed to deal with the legal issues that come up these types of cases. We offer a free initial consultation and we always work these types of cases on a contingent fee basis. This means that you do not owe a fee unless we are successfully in your case.

The defendant truck companies and insurers have experienced amply funded, counsel. So should you. We also have the resources needed to fight this type of complex case. Give us a call.

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