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Motorcycle Accidents can Bring Massive Injuries

Motorcyclist - Corpus Christi

As your attorneys, Carabin Shaw’s job is to pursue your personal injury case in a way that the defendant insurance company understands your injuries and current condition in order to get you the maximum settlement.

We know what most riders really think and are aware of the bias that exists regarding motorcycles and their riders on street. Representing people in a lawsuit involving a motorcyclist requires unique skills. Carabin Shaw cares about people who ride motorcycles, and their passengers. We think about these people every single time we get a call for a new motorcycle case. Our firm members and staff have also suffered personal losses in their families in past years. Some of these losses were while the people were on motorcycles. Carabin Shaw understands motorcycle accident type losses and will work tirelessly to make those responsible for the injuries pay for your damages.

Motorcycle Riders Face Higher Risks of Loss

A motorcycle involved accident is a complicated occurrence involving interaction between vehicles, humans, and different environmental factors. There is no such thing as a "typical" motorcycle accident. What can be considered "typical" is a violent occurrence in almost all motorcycle crashes.

At least 80 percent of every reported accident involving a motorcycle also involves death or serious injury for the motorcycle rider and/or passengers.

Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Cause More Injuries?
  • The motorcycle itself lacks head injury protection and provides no help preventing injuries to the rider or passenger.
  • Getting ejected from the motorcycle is an unfortunately common injury cause.
  • If a sudden stop results for the motorcycle and the passengers and/or rider are ejected out of the motorcycle, they can forcibly strike any object in their path as well as roughly impact the ground itself.
Why Motorcycle Involved Accidents are More Expensive and More Serious

Motorcycle injuries can generally be more significant and take longer to rehabilitate from. Thus, they can be more expensive. As an example, insurance industry data indicates that...

  • 23% of injured motorcycle accident claimants have multiple bodily locations for their injuries;
  • 18% suffer permanent disability from a head injury;
  • 10% of injured claimants have severe injuries to the spine or back. Permanent quadriplegia or quadriplegia sometimes results from these injuries.

This means that at least 50% of claimants involved in a motorcycle accident suffer from the kind of life-threatening, disabling injuries from some of which there is no recovery.

Carabin Shaw has the help you need in a situation such as this. Our experienced legal team has the years under their belts which you need in your corner. We will give you the best chance to get the maximum legally available recovery.

The defendants in serious cases such as yours will fight as hard as they can. They have veteran lawyers, investigators and expert witnesses ready to work against you and your recovery. Carabin Shaw has the experience and resources to fight this fight. We also have experienced investigators and expert witnesses for our attorneys to work with. We have the resources to put toward your fight. If we can’t settle your case, we will go to court and let a jury decide.

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