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Sabine Pilot Retaliation: Wrongful Termination in Corpus Christi

Employment law in Corpus Christi gives employers the right to hire and fire employees as they see fit. There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule. One of the most common exceptions is the Sabine Pilot rule, which states that a Texas employee cannot be fired solely for refusing to comply with an illegal order from his or her superiors.

Sabine Pilot Wrongful Termination FAQ’s

If you think you were involved in a case of wrongful termination, your next step should be to gather the evidence and determine if you may be eligible to pursue a settlement. However, filing an employment lawsuit in Texas can be a long, complicated process.

Self-education and basic legal knowledge will help you figure out what to do next. If you have questions about Sabine Pilot retaliation and wrongful termination in Corpus Christi, look below from some answers.

  1. What is illegal retaliation?
    • Although Texas is an at-will employment state, this does not mean that employees are unilaterally at the mercy of their employers. Rules still apply, and termination cannot be retaliatory or reactionary. One of the most common exceptions to this is the ‘Sabine Pilot’ exception.
    • Sabine Pilot claims are those in which an employee finds an exception to Texas’ at-will employment policies by proving that you have been fired for the sole refusal to execute any criminal or illegal acts at the request of your superiors.
    • Illegal retaliation, then, refers to an employer’s decision to retaliate to an employee’s intent to do the right thing with the termination of employment.
  2. How can I prove employer retaliation?
    • Illegal retaliation by an employer in the form of termination is unlawful and should be treated as such. There are several instances in which employer retaliation is illegal and falls under the umbrella of whistleblower protection. Some of these include:
      • Those reporting child abuse
      • Anyone who opposes any discriminatory practice
      • Health care employees in many scenarios, including licensed assisted living workers who report any instance of abuse/mistreatment
      • Public employees reporting a violation of the law
  3. How do I know if I have a case?
    • If you have questions Sabine Pilot retaliation and wrongful termination in Corpus Christi, experienced Corpus Christi employment lawyers can help you determine if you have a case. When developing a Sabine Pilot exception, there are many factors to take into consideration, including:
      • Was there any other reason for termination?
      • Is there any evidence, and if so, to what extent does it support the Sabine Pilot exception?
      • Were you given truthful and appropriate notice about your termination, as well as the reason(s) why?
      • Did you break any company regulations or breach a contract along the way? (if so, arguing a Sabine Pilot claim might be difficult)
  4. How do I pursue a successful settlement?
    • Pursuing a successful settlement requires hard work and familiarity of past cases as well as state and local laws. History shows that it is difficult (but not impossible) to carry out a successful Sabine Pilot claim. Legal representation can help.
  5. Should I hire a lawyer?
    • Pursuing a settlement is a long, nuanced process full of technicalities. Guidance from attorneys who have dealt with these types of cases before can strengthen your case. If you contest termination, the legal advice of Corpus Christi employment lawyers can help you uphold your employee whistleblower rights and maximize your chances to stand up for yourself in the face of wrongful termination.
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