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The Things Not to Do After an Auto Accident in Corpus Christi

The Things not to Do After an Auto Accident

Please do not give any written or recorded statements to any representative of any insurance company until you make sure that you understand the details of your insurance coverage. Keep in mind that you are not legally required to permit any insurance carrier or its representative to record any telephone conversation. If you are not sure what you or they have the right to do, consult with a lawyer.

Do not just accept the amount of any appraisal or estimate of the value of your losses which the insurer gives you. Insurance carriers will frequently make an effort to convince you to believe the estimate from the contractor or estimator who works for them. Unsurprisingly, these tend to be on the low side.

Do not sign anything, especially waivers or releases until you get advice from a lawyer. A difficult financial situation after a major property loss may make it appear that you need to accept an inadequate, premature settlement from an insurance carrier. You do not need to do so. You may recall later items that were destroyed after you sign a release and accept which is supposed to compensate you for your personal property. It is usually too late to add those to payment your compensation after you sign a release. Because of this, it is always advisable to talk with a good lawyer before you sign any waiver or release. Always read, all and any fine print printed or written on any form of payment from any insurance carrier. The devil really is in the details.

Please do not accept or cash any check or payment that says or has printed on it "final payment" unless and until you know that you are ready for your rights to add any damages to go away.

Do not ignore or forget the time limitations contained in your insurance policy. Almost all insurance policies require you to submit a “proof of loss,” with your signature, within certain time limits. Always make sure you do this unless you are sure you have a waiver, in writing, from your insurance carrier. Many insurance policies give you only a year from the accident date to file a lawsuit if you feel that your insurance claim hasn’t been fairly adjusted. If you feel that your insurance claim has not been fairly settled 11 months after the accident, speak to a lawyer as quickly as possible. Failure to do this could mean that you lose your right to file suit against your insurance carrier.

Never forget that your insurer and you entered into a contract. Your insurance carrier has the absolute legal duty to provide all the coverage which it contracted to provide to you. Insist that this obligation be enforced.

We, at Carabin Shaw, can help you enforce the insurance company’s obligations to you. We have years of experience making auto insurers live up to the obligations they entered into in exchange for your premium payments. You paid good money for insurance coverage. Let us help you get what you paid for.

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