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Truck Accident Questions and Answers | Trusted Corpus Christi Lawyers

Have you been involved in a truck accident near Corpus Christi? If so, you are likely wondering how you are going to cover your sudden medical bills and the cost of vehicle repair, possibly while being unable to work due to your injuries. You have probably considered legal action, but might not know where to start.

Carabin Shaw’s team of Corpus Christi injury attorneys can help. Our legal team has extensive experience representing clients like you seeking compensation after a truck accident. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation by phone at 361-444-1111.

Truck Accident Questions and Answers

How Common are 18 Wheeler Accidents in Corpus Christi?

Corpus Christi 18 wheeler accidents are unfortunately common. The city reported over 8,000 accidents in 2019 alone. Nueces County saw over 400 CMV-involved crashes that same year.

What Causes 18 Wheeler Accidents?

Commercial vehicle accidents have many factors. Some that imply fault on the part of the driver include speeding, distraction, operating under the influence, stopping short, and failing to signal merges and lane changes. Some factors that are specific to trucks include improperly-secured cargo, failure to inspect and maintain the vehicle, and under-reporting hours driven between breaks.

If you believe that any of these were a factor in your accident, look to trusted Corpus Christi truck accident lawyers to help you with a personal injury claim.

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is a complaint that outlines why you believe the other party’s actions led to your injuries and how much you believe they owe you financially to cover those injuries. A personal injury claim will lead to negotiation between your attorney and your opponent’s legal team, and may result in a settlement.

What Happens if We Can’t Reach a Settlement?

If you and your opponent are unable to settle, your attorney may advise you to move forward with a lawsuit. A lawsuit is a formal legal complaint that will be decided upon in court.

Can a Lawsuit Still be Settled out of Court?

Yes, most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court as court dates are often set over a year in advance, leaving plenty more time for negotiation.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sue?

Technically speaking, you are entitled to represent yourself legally. However, if you do not have extensive legal knowledge and experience yourself, you will be unlikely to succeed without legal counsel. Your target may not even acknowledge your claim if it does not come from a lawyer.

What Should I Know Before Hiring Corpus Christi Injury Attorneys?

Before you hire an attorney, you should make sure that they have specialized knowledge and experience in litigation related to truck accidents and a successful record. You should be confident that they are the right person to handle your case.

How Can I Vet Corpus Christi Truck Accident Lawyers Before Hiring?

Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations. In these meetings, you can ask about a lawyer’s experience with truck accident claims, their record, how they would approach your case, and what they expect the process and outcome to look like. You can clear up any questions you have about how much of a time and money commitment a claim and/or lawsuit would be.

Is it Rude to Not Hire After a Free Consultation?

No! If an attorney seems inexperienced in the specificities of your case, doubtful about your chances, or somehow unprofessional or unpleasant, you should move onto the next consultation. These meetings are for your benefit, and you should not move forward with your case until you have an attorney that you trust.

Trusted Corpus Christi Lawyers

Carabin Shaw’s legal team offers free consultations by phone at 361-444-1111. We specialize in personal injury claims related to truck accidents, and have the deep well of knowledge and experience necessary for your claim to succeed. Call us today to see how we can help you.

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