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Was Your Child Improperly Touched at a Corpus Christi Daycare?

Most parents in Corpus Christi probably don’t think twice about leaving their children in daycare. According to the Census Bureau, about one-third of children in the United States regularly receive care from a nonrelative. The normalcy of daycare, however, doesn’t change the fact that your child could be left in the wrong hands. In a recent Child Maltreatment Report issued by The Children’s Bureau, approximately 674,000 children across the United States were victims of maltreatment. Of those, almost 9% were victims of sexual abuse.

Was your child improperly touched at a Corpus Christi daycare? If so, you need a legal team on your side to help you get justice. The long-term damage that sexual abuse can do to your child’s physical and emotional well-being cannot be overstated, and you deserve compensation for the ways that this incident has affected and will continue to affect your child’s life. With the help of the Texas child sexual abuse attorneys at Carabin Shaw, we can make sure the perpetrator is held accountable for their appalling actions. An attorney at our firm can listen to the circumstances of your case and talk to you about your options.

Suing in a Day Care Sexual Abuse Case

When a daycare worker sexually abuses a child, they can be tried in a criminal case. In the criminal process, defendants can be criminally charged and sentenced to years in prison as well as other penalties. After the criminal case is complete, a victim and/or the victim’s family can pursue monetary compensation via a civil lawsuit as well.

If a defendant is convicted in a criminal case, victims may have an easier time recovering damages in a civil suit because of the legal concept called “collateral estoppel.” However, it’s important to note that a criminal conviction is not required to pursue and win compensation in a civil case.

One reason for this distinction is that the burden of proof in a criminal case vs. a civil case is markedly different. Criminal cases require that plaintiffs prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant was guilty of their crimes. In a civil case, a plaintiff and their lawyer only have to demonstrate a defendant’s negligence by a preponderance of the evidence, which means that they were more likely than not to have been negligent in their actions. If you have questions, consult Corpus Christi personal injury lawyers.

Signs of Abuse

Children who are inappropriately touched at daycares will often exhibit signs of their abuse. Sometimes though, children who are abused will not be able to voice that they’ve suffered abuse. Because abuse most often happens to children younger than three, they may not even understand or be aware of what’s happening to them.

As a parent, it’s important to take action if you notice any of the following indicators of child abuse:

  • An apprehension to attend daycare
  • Acting out aggression toward pets or other family members
  • Difficulty sitting down
  • Redness or other injuries in the genital area
  • Excessive bed-wetting
  • Contraction of a sexually transmitted disease
  • Flinching
  • Nightmares and night terrors
  • Desiring more physical affection than usual, such as asking for hugs
  • Development of memory and/or concentration problems

If you believe your child has been inappropriately touched at a daycare, a child abuse lawyer in Corpus Christi Tx can represent you in a civil suit.

We’ll Fight to Get You Justice | Free Consultation

If your child was improperly touched at a daycare, our law firm is available to help you in your time of need. No child should have to suffer sexual abuse, and perpetrators should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law for their unspeakable actions. Our Texas child sexual abuse attorneys at Carabin Shaw have been fighting on behalf of victims for nearly 30 years, and we always approach every case with our clients’ needs in mind, first and foremost.

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