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What do I do if I Have Been Involved in a Car Wreck? Corpus Christi Part 1

Car wrecks are a leading cause of severe injuries to people in our country and in Texas. These accidents result in thousands of catastrophic injuries and deaths each year. Each calendar year, millions of people are killed or injured because of auto and light truck accidents. These auto wreck losses happen for multiple different reasons. These reasons include drunk driver, distracted drivers, and heavy traffic The key thing for you to understand is that Texas Civil Law gives you the right to seek monetary damages and get compensation for any injury you sustain in an auto or truck accident. If you have suffered injury in an auto or truck accident and the accident was legally “caused” by someone else’s negligence, call our legal team and let our firm help you.

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The victims of auto and truck accidents may be faced with paying medical expenses, suffering from emotional issues and having provable financial damages. Car wreck victims often have injuries that can include brain and head injuries, whiplash, and damages to muscles, bones and joints. Physical damage from injuries can cost you a lot of money and take away the time you spent with your friends and family. Damages can also include loss of your ability to make a living at your workplace, and much more. Injured persons may claim, and get, damages for legally “reasonable” medical treatment and loss of earning capacity, permanent limitations on your actions, compensation for pain and suffering and the value of any lost property. The calculation of these damages can compensate your for both future and current or past losses.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an auto or light truck accident, please keep these helpful ideas in mind:

Do not forget to report your Accident: Always call the appropriate police agency to report your car accident and make sure to inform the operator and the officer who responds of how many people got injured. This is so that sufficient emergency responders get to the accident scene. Report the accident to all the right and proper agencies. These should include your auto insurance company. Always make sure that there is a police report and notify whomever controls or owns the accident site where your injuries took place.

Seek Prompt medical attention: You may not need to go to the emergency room. If you do not need emergency level medical care, you need to consult a competent physician or experienced chiropractor quickly to get treatment. This should happen as soon as possible. It may be some time before you realize the actual extent of your injuries. Some specific injuries may not be obvious to you until some time has passed since your accident. Seeking quick treatment from your doctor might prevent delays in treatment and limit any possible aggravation of the injury. Even apparently minor amounts of soreness can indicate a more serious and significant injury.

You should get counsel from an experienced injury attorney: Carabin Shaw offers a free initial consultation in injury cases, without obligation or cost to you. Even should you choose not to hire Carabin Shaw, we are still quite willing to meet with you to discuss the legal options. Call us today. We may well be able to increase your settlement to more than what any insurance company offered. This works because we know exactly how such cases get evaluated by insurance companies and treated by the courts.

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