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What to Do If You Are In an Accident

What to Do If You Are In an Accident

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Immediately After Your Accident

If you are involved in an auto wreck, stop. Almost all states legally require a person to remain at the scene of any auto accident, even minor ones, until they stop to check for injuries or damages. You can be prosecuted in criminal court if you leave the scene of any car or truck wreck.

Next thing, check for any injuries. In general, no one except EMS or an officer should move someone who was injured in the accident. If it appears at all necessary, call 911 and ask for an ambulance and for the police. Ask someone else to call 911 if you can’t call. Ask them to request the police and an ambulance if needed, and tell the 911 operator how many people are injured, so that sufficient emergency medical personnel are sent to the accident scene.

If at all possible, signal oncoming traffic to only proceed with caution. You can do this with flares, raising the trunk or hood of your car or by turning on your hazard warning lights.

All drivers involved in the accident should exchange relevant information, including the other driver’s address, phone number and name, operator’s license number, insurance company, policy number, vehicle license plate number, and insurance agent’s telephone number and name. You really should also give the same data to all other drivers involved in the accident.

Obtain information from which you can identify anyone who witnessed the accident. Also politely ask the officer who is investigating the accident scene to give you the “incident number” and a business card. This is so you can get copies of the incident report.

It would also help you down the road with your claim if you take notes regarding how and where the incident occurred, speed limits, weather, road conditions, lighting, traffic control devices and what each vehicle were actually doing at exact the time of the wreck. Keep in mind, if you end up litigating the accident, you will probably have to give your notes to the other parties to the litigation.

Importantly, even if you believe that yu may be at fault, do not tell anyone this. Other drivers may share in the fault or many other factors might have caused or contributed to the accident. Any admissions regarding fault will probably get used against you and your case down the road.

What to do After the Police get to the Scene

Cooperate completely and fully with the investigating officer or officers when they get there. Stay at the scene of accident until after the officers tell you that it is ok for you to leave the scene. When you need to speak to the investigating officers, only tell them the facts that actually happened. Do not make or suggest any conclusions. Never admit responsibility or liability for the incident to the police, witnesses, passengers or the other drivers. Liability or responsibility is a legal conclusion that is not always simple. Tell the police about any witnesses or injuries.

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