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What to Do Immediately Following a Car Accident

If, or when, you are unfortunate enough to get in car accident, there are a number of things you can do to maximize your chances of getting fair compensation. These same things will also make it easier for your lawyer to work with you and help you protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

After you get involved in a car accident, however serious, the very first thing to be done, if you are healthy enough, is to call 911 for medical and police help. After all persons are out of all danger, write down and gather up as much relevant information regarding the accident as possible:

  • (1) Names, contact information, home address, driver's license numbers, and auto insurance company and details for any and all drivers involved in the accident.

  • (2) Make a note if anyone driving seemed to be exhibiting symptoms of being under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. These are characteristic you can observe (such as slurring of someone’s speech). Get contact information of anyone who may have witnessed those “under the influence” effects. These witnesses are key people because once the effect and evidence of any substance abuse wears off, it will always be the other driver’s word against yours. If any symptoms of alcohol or drug use are obvious, quietly and politely report this to the investigating law enforcement officer and stay out of the way after that. Make a note of this if you do it.

  • (3) Names and electronic contact information for all vehicle passengers, all the pedestrians affected by the accident, and all the witnesses who might have seen the accident. One example would be a store clerk who saw the entire accident from inside the store.

  • (4) Always make a note of any oral statement you might hear regarding the consequences or cause of the accident. If someone said, "I'm not hurt." If you hear anyone take any of the responsibility for the accident by saying something like, “I just spilled my coffee” or “I was distracted " or “I wish I had worn my glasses” or even “I wasn't paying attention," etc.

  • (5) Please write down the time, date and location time of the accident.

  • (6) As soon as you can, write up a detailed description of what happened in the accident. This should, if possible, include which direction each vehicle was going prior to the accident, what the weather and climate conditions were like (icy roads, wet roads, fog, night, etc.) Also write down exactly what injuries, if any, were mentioned at the scene, what appeared or obviously got damaged, and everything the police did, especially if anyone got a ticket or if the officers gave anyone a sobriety test. If you draw a diagram, it can help ensure everyone understands what went on.

  • (7) Note down any problems which any of the involved vehicles had which weren’t caused during the accident, such as bald or bad tires or any headlights which seemed burned out before any impacts.

  • (8) Please politely get any contact information and a report number or accident number from the police at the accident scene.

Gather as much information for the claims investigation as possible. As time passes, memories tend to fade. When you are questioned later, you'll be glad you wrote down the details at the scene.

Each of these steps will help you and your attorney get the best settlement for you that can be gotten. They will help to protect your rights.

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