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Wrongful Death- Emotional Distress

When a close friend or family member dies, they leave behind loved ones, family, friends and children. How does someone help these people who are left behind?

The most powerful stress we see in our lives is death. Deaths cause physical and emotional distress for almost everyone with close ties to the person who died.

The loss of a familial relationship or loss of a close friend can often cause profound, severe mental anguish and suffering. This loss can also cause major health issues for the survivors.

Difficult as it may be to lose a loved one if one is an adult, the death of a friend, close relative or parent of a child can cause complicated internal upheaval, mental stress and scarring. Unless one has experienced such a death while a child, imagining how much harder it is for a child to cope and comprehend. It can be difficult.

Immediately after such a death, anticipated or not, most adult survivors will understandably suffer feelings of disbelief, shock and numbness. Many people will “go through the motions.” When they do, other people get a firsthand look at how they manage final arrangements, greet friends and family, and see to urgent financial matters.

However, it is true that adult survivors frequently do not comprehend the final, full reality of their loved one’s death immediately. Numbness and shock may last for weeks, if not for months after such a death. As time passes most individuals feel a deeper sadness, an intense yearning for the deceased’s company, and feelings of stress for they do not know what the future holds. Feelings of emptiness and a sense of disorganization frequently show up in the time shortly after the death.

Sadness and despair are frequent as it becomes clear that the victim will not be back and that the loss of their companion or loved one is unfortunately a reality.

We must all keep in mind that it is common for people to suffer mental and physical problems who are struggling with the death of a beloved one. These problems can include loss of appetite, sleeplessness, agitation, sighing, chest tightness, exhaustion and fatigue.

Survivors often mentally replay the interactions and important events involving the victim and frequently have thoughts, many of them intrusive, concerning the regrets, missed opportunities and the death itself. The person in question may withdraw from friends and family.

This person may yet learn that solitude is as hard as being around other people.

Grief often comes along in waves which are set off by reminders of the victim. Those left behind may feel just fine one moment and be overwhelmed with grief and sadness the next minute.

We at Carabin Shaw want help you through this difficult time. We can be your champion and go after those responsible for the death that has caused so much grief. Let us help. We are standing by.

We can give you the advice you need about who may be responsible for the death that has caused so much grief. We can take care of the details of going after them for the compensation you deserve.

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