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How to Spot Nursing Home Negligence in Floresville

The choice to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home is often a hard process. Choosing the nursing home that can provide the utmost care and attention to loved ones is a high priority, and selecting which nursing home will be able to provide exceptional care to those who are most vulnerable takes time. Failing to provide said care is also called a breach of duty. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect can take place anywhere, including Floresville. Oftentimes, people make the mistake of fully trusting the nursing home and either ignoring or acting oblivious to signs of nursing home neglect.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, it is important to pay attention to how to spot nursing home negligence in Floresville in order to take appropriate action. It’s also imperative to contact a Floresville nursing home abuse lawyer to assist you with gaining justice for your loved one.

How to spot nursing home negligence in Floresville starts from the beginning of care. Being cognizant of these signs can help you help your loved one before the negligence leads to serious injuries or fatalities. It’s important to note that signs of nursing home neglect in Floresville can be extremely subtle – there may not always be physical evidence of neglect.

If you are suspicious of nursing home neglect, talk to an attorney at Carabin Shaw about the signs you have witnessed. An experienced attorney has the capabilities of providing you with a number of options on how to proceed and can help you verify if your loved one is a victim of Floresville nursing home neglect.

How to Spot Nursing Home Negligence in Floresville

Poor personal hygiene:
Although not all sings of nursing home neglect are physical, poor personal hygiene often is. When nursing homes are taking part in nursing home negligence, they are often failing to bathe, dress, and give adequate attention to their patients. This can result in bed sores, pressure ulcers, odor, and withering physical appearance. Take note of your loved one’s physical appearance and ask them questions regarding their personal hygiene routine in their facility.

Change in behavior:
Changes in your loved one’s behavior can be a sign of nursing home neglect. Pay close attention to your loved one’s demeanor when visiting or change in tone of voice or mood on phone calls. If you witness any change in mood or behavior, mention it to your nursing home neglect attorney during your consultation. An experienced attorney will be aware of tell-tale signs and be able to assist you in proceeding with your claim.

Malnutrition and Dehydration:
As the body ages, there is a less accurate sense of thirst and a harder ability for the body to conserve water. This often results in an unfortunate but common sign of nursing home neglect: dehydration and malnutrition. A nursing home’s obligation is to ensure their residents are cared for; this includes making sure they are fed and given liquid regularly. Many nursing home residents are not capable of drinking or eating by themselves, so when care falls by the wayside, many residents go hungry and dehydrated, resulting in serious or fatal outcomes.

Unsanitary/unsafe living conditions:
The elderly are much more susceptible to bacteria and illnesses that go hand in hand with unsanitary living conditions. In addition to unclean environments, nursing homes who fail to provide a safe environment for their residents can also be charged with nursing home negligence. An example of an unsafe environment could be slippery floors, unsafe furniture, or inadequate lighting. Take notes on what you believe is a safety hazard when you visit your loved ones. Discuss the environment with your attorney in order to be sure that the circumstance serves as true proof of nursing home negligence.

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In addition to the examples of nursing home negligence above, there are a wide variety of signs that could point to your loved one not receiving the care they are obligated to receive in their Floresville nursing home. If you are suspicious of Floresville nursing home negligence, contact an experienced attorney to assist you and your family.

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