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Floresville Medical Malpractice

Texas legislators in Austin have spent over four decades making changes to our state’s medical malpractice laws, addressing what were thought by many to be oversights. Some statutes have been altered, while others were maintained, and still others have been done away with completely. Such changes to medical malpractice law have complicated the process for those seeking to pursue medical malpractice claims, giving rise to the need for qualified Floresville medical negligence lawyers.

Most people are unaware of medical malpractice laws in Texas and how those laws impact their ability to receive compensation if they are a victim of medical malpractice. Many of the aforementioned changes have been instigated at the behest of the powerful medical professional and healthcare provider lobbies. These decisions made in Austin have challenged the rights of citizens across the state to receive just compensation after being injured through the negligence of medical providers.

The Johns Hopkins University medical school has recently found that medical malpractice might be the third leading cause of death in the United States. This amounts to over 250,000 people dying every year through medical negligence. Director Kenneth Sands of the Beth Israel Deaconess medical center, a partner of Johns Hopkins, warns that the primary catalyst of medical errors is the lack of change or reform in the industry. For this and many other reasons, many examples of medical malpractice in Floresville, go unreported.

Given the current climate of malpractice law in Texas, the need for a medical negligence lawyer serving Floresville has never been more critical. Having an attorney in your corner to protect your rights and give you a voice in the legal system can help you maneuver a complex and overwhelming process. This need is supported by the preponderance of men, women, and children already affected by errors in medical treatment.

Medical Malpractice in Floresville: Who’s Liable?

Medical malpractice can be very difficult to prove. State laws burden the injured party with such a high expectation of proof that it can be an undertaking that most individuals would rather not pursue. Negligence is already difficult to prove in regular personal injury cases; when an injury involves the fault or negligence of a doctor or nurse, the rules governing medical malpractice raise that bar even higher.

Through the assistance of a good attorney, those seeking compensation for medical malpractice injuries can rest knowing they have an advocate working for on their behalf. A qualified medical negligence lawyer in Floresville will be sure to abide by deadlines, file the necessary paperwork, and generally provide the most thorough approach to winning a medical malpractice lawsuit, while being sure to know what laws apply so as to avoid mistakes or missing important requirements.

For example, Texas imposes what is known as a fifteen-year “statute of repose” in medical claims caused by defective products or equipment. This means that if your personal injury was caused not by the decisions of an individual, but by an object, you have fifteen years to pursue your lawsuit rather than the usual two years usually imposed by the general statute of limitations on personal injuries. If you miss this important deadline, then you will likely have no recourse as the courts are historically very strict in their expectation injured parties abide by this timeline.

There are also limits on the amount of damages you can request, expectations of any testimony given to meet a standard of medical expertise, and many other issues that only an attorney is equipped to address.

What to Do if You Suspect Medical Malpractice in Floresville

At Carabin Shaw, our medical negligence lawyers serving Floresville fully understand the intricacies of medical malpractice law. We know the impact that injuries of this nature can have on patients and their loved ones. That’s why we commit ourselves to being your advocate and making sure your rights are never at risk against the interests of powerful hospitals and doctors.

Whether you’ve experienced medical misdiagnosis, common birth injuries, surgical malpractice, or some other medical mishap, if you’ve been injured by a health provider and suspect medical malpractice may be to blame, give us a call immediately. We’ll schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case either in your home, at our office, or even at the hospital if needed. One of our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation and develop the best strategy possible for your case so you can get the compensation you deserve.

In Floresville, call the law offices of Carabin Shaw today at 800-862-1260, and let us start guide you down the path to restitution and recovery.

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