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Ten Most Common Types of Personal Injuries

After sustaining an accident or injury in San Antonio you may not know where to turn or what to do. Fortunately at Carabin Shaw, we have a San Antonio injury attorney available to help you. Our legal team can discuss with you what legal action should be taken to help you get the compensation you need to recover after you've been injured or in an accident.

There are three major things to think about after an accident or injury:

  • Who is responsible for the injury,
  • What kind of injury was sustained,
  • And how to recoup a loss after you've been injured.

Our team of seasoned attorneys knows that life after an injury has occurred can be quite difficult. Our goal is to be sure that you remain comfortable and able to function long after an injury has been sustained.

Identifying the reason behind your accident or injury is extremely helpful in personal injury law. Knowing who or what is responsible for your hardship helps our lawyers know who to seek damages from. Once you establish whether another person, business, corporation, or a government agency was responsible for your injury, our team of attorneys can put together an action plan to attain an award matching your damages.

After an accident, it is equally important to seek medical attention to determine severity of your injuries. Often, victims do not realize that what may start as a simple strain or pinched nerve can lead to an ongoing issue that can deeply impact their lives. Our attorneys’ mission in San Antonio is to help you get the maximum compensation to ensure that your quality of life does not decline as the result of an injury or accident. The injuries typically sustained after any accident can be found in our list of the ten most common types of personal injuries.

Top Ten Most Common Types of Personal injuries
  1. Injury from someone’s negligence: Everyone has a job to follow the rules with a reasonable degree of care in everything they do. If they do not and you become injured because of their failure, then a civil suit is often appropriate to recover compensation for any injuries they caused.
  2. Injury from a slip and fall: All public places have a duty to make their space safe for you. If they fail to do so and you fall and hurt yourself as a result of a hazard they created or allowed to exist, you are eligible to recover compensation from the store for your injury.
  3. Injury from someone’s intentional behavior: If someone intentionally hurts you, you can sue them. This remains to be true even if they didn’t mean to hurt you specifically. For example, if your neighbor throws a rock at his brother and that rock hits and injures you, you may be able to sue and recover compensation for your injuries in civil court.
  4. Injury from a hazardous drug: Drugs are held to safety standards, which sometimes are overlooked when releasing a new drug. These cases normally lead to litigation in the form of class action lawsuits against the drug companies.
  5. Injury from medical malpractice: Doctors are required by law to provide you with complete care. When a doctor does not treat someone this way, many things can go wrong. Medical malpractice lawsuits allow you to recover compensation for mistakes your doctors make.
  6. Injury from a dog bite: Dog bites are judged under a strict liability standard. With that being said, you are permitted to sue and recover compensation for injuries if someone’s dog bites you.
  7. Injury from an auto accident: Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injury. It is required in every state that drivers carry liability insurance in order to protect you from such injury.
  8. Injury from misdiagnosis: Misdiagnosis is a form of medical malpractice that can also lead to injury. If your condition is made worse as a result of the misdiagnosis then you are eligible for compensation.
  9. Injury from hazardous conditions at a premise: Any type of unsafe condition in a private home or public place can be considered negligent. This can give rise to liability under the law.
  10. Injury from a defective product: All products are mandatory by law to be safe when used correctly. If the product is not safe when used correctly a strict liability normally applies. This means that a manufacturer can be held responsible even if he was not the negligent in producing the product.

Our list of the top ten most common types of personal injuries is just glimpse into the types of injuries a victim might suffer. After you have sustained an accident or injury in San Antonio, contact our attorneys immediately so we can decide what legal action if any should be taken.

Our San Antonio legal team has over 25 years of experience fighting for injury and accident victims, and our bilingual attorneys are ready to help you today. If you or a loved one has suffered an accident or sustained injuries, contact Carabin Shaw at 210-222-2288 to set up your appointment for a free case consultation.

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