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What is Considered Nursing Home Neglect for Victims in Kenedy

It can be a hard decision to put a beloved family member into a nursing home. The search for an adequate placement can be difficult depending on the family’s financial situation or the location of quality nursing homes in Kenedy. Families often put in a lot of time researching the facilities available to find a place that provides true community and comfort for their loved ones.

The last thing that any family wants to hear is that their loved one is mistreated or neglected. Relatives of nursing home patients may not understand what is considered nursing home neglect for victims in Kenedy. Quite honestly, neglect can be difficult to detect for families who are not aware that there are any problems to look out for.

Abuse and mistreatment often have immediate telltale signs like bruising or broken bones, but neglect may take a longer span of time to notice. Some signs of neglect take time to develop and may not be noticeable in the first few visits with the family member. Depending on how often the family is able to visit the loved one, the problems may not manifest in any way that is severe enough to call attention.

Families that are observant may begin to notice poor hygiene or unexplained physical ailments, such as sores or infection. If the resident is able to communicate with family members, they may be able to articulate the types of neglect they are experiencing. If you suspect that a family member in the care of a nursing facility is suffering from neglect, schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney at Carabin Shaw, and speak with a Kenedy nursing home negligence lawyer that can help you know for sure if you have a case against your loved one’s adult care facility.

What is Considered Nursing Home Neglect for Victims in Kenedy?

There are a variety of signs that point to neglect in a Kenedy nursing home. Neglect in personal hygiene can be evident in developing sores or infections. Patients may begin to have problems with their teeth due to poor dental hygiene. Overgrown nails can make it painful for patients to walk. Neglect can also come in the form of poor nutrition. If the patient is not given adequate food or balanced nutrition, they may suffer from weakness or other physical ailments linked to dehydration and malnutrition.

As people age, balance can become an issue, and the elderly often need assistance moving from place to place from a caregiver or access to support equipment. Without these supports, many elderly suffer unnecessary falls which may cause bruising or even concussion. It is vitally important for patients to have staff nearby to assist them before such falls happen or to help after a fall. If staff is not checking in with patients regularly, a patient may be left in a fallen position for hours.

Our lawyers can help you determine what is considered nursing home neglect for victims in Kenedy and can guide you through the actions that you need to take to gather evidence for a case against the care facility. Here are some suggestions of where to begin if you suspect neglect:

  • As you visit your family member, try to take note of the conditions of their room.
  • Keep records of what you notice about their physical appearance.
  • If the family member is able to communicate, try to ask about their daily routine.
  • Try to make unannounced visits, as staff may behave differently when they know you are coming to visit.
  • Be aware of the elderly’s medications and medical needs, and take note of any changes.

The attorneys at Carabin Shaw have spoken with countless families who have come to the difficult realization that their family members were not properly cared for. Many families may suspect neglect but are in no position to remove the family member from the nursing home. Without recourse, Kenedy families are forced to accept subpar treatment for their loved ones.

The legal team at Carabin Shaw has worked with families that have suffered Kenedy nursing home negligence for over 20 years, and can help your family fight for your loved one. Our attorneys want to give you the power to challenge inept nursing home facilities so that you can have the financial backing to place your loved one in a quality home. You should not be forced to accept inadequate care for your family member and facilities that routinely neglect patients should not be allowed to continue to earn from your family’s misery.

Contact our bilingual lawyers day or night to discuss your concerns. We are ready to help you get the peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and in the best possible care for their needs. Call Carabin Shaw in Kenedy at 830.583.2828 today.

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