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Who can be Held Liable in an 18 Wheeler Accident?

Cars and trucks have become intimately associated with the American way of life. Prior to the advent of the car, most commercial goods in the United States were transported via the railroad system. However, in the modern era, the interstate highway system provides for the bulk of commercial transportation. 18 wheelers and large trucks tow shipping containers all across the country, from Boston Harbor to Floresville, Texas. However, because this form of labor is so common and so essential to the U.S. economy, many commercial truck drivers are asked (or forced) to work grueling hours in service of tough deadlines and high demand. But who can be held liable in the event of an 18 wheeler accident?

Driver vs Company

In many cases, both employers and the drivers themselves may be legally liable for accidents and injuries incurred as a result of reckless driving habits and irresponsible behavior out on the road. However, often times truck companies (and truck drivers themselves) are reluctant to accept responsibility for accidents resulting from their commercial operations. With so many competing factors and subjective biases for each party involved in an accident, it's no small wonder that many attorneys specialize in the area of accident and injury law.

Furthermore, in rare cases, Floresville, company insurance policies will not fully cover a victim's due compensation following a collision. A Floresville, 18 wheeler accident can be devastating for those unfortunate enough to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the event that you or someone you love is struggling to pay the cost of emotional and physical recovery after a serious collision, and you find yourself wondering, "Who can be held liable in an 18 wheeler accident?," you may want to consult with a local, Floresville, 18 wheeler accident attorney to help you understand your options.

Other Factors

Smaller, more rural communities like that of Floresville often utilize higher speed-limits due to the limited traffic in the area. However, when these high speeds combine with the sheer mass of a commercial, 18 wheeler, it can be a recipe for disaster. However, liability in highway accidents can be highly variable and extremely dependent on the context in which the accident occurs. Any experienced attorney knows, that often times, the right evidence and timely response can be key factors in ensuring compensation for victims of violent, roadway accidents.

Although legal liability can be a tricky subject to tackle, with the right help, accident victims can heavily increase their chances of receiving proper compensation from those responsible for accidents and injuries. When an accident occurs, resulting in an injury, often times experienced attorneys must be present to assess the situation and gather evidence on behalf of their clients. It is often left up to legal professionals, rather than state employees, to establish who can be held liable in an 18 wheeler accident.

While there's a considerable selection of accident and injury lawyers working in the Floresville area, not all firms can boast a record of success like the law offices of Carabin Shaw. At Carabin Shaw we hold ourselves to high standards, because we know just how important compensation can be in helping accident victims restore their lives to a state of normalcy. So in the event that you become an unsuspecting victim of an irresponsible driver, you'll want to get in touch with our staff as quickly as possible. The accident and injury attorneys employed at our firm have decades of experience when it comes to defending civil and criminal cases throughout the state of Texas, and we're ready and waiting to fight for your legal rights twenty-four seven!

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