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Client Reviews (Part 2)

Ray Rayos ★★★★★

Very professional and excellent staff. Bianca was always available to answer any of my questions.

Carmen Hover ★★★★★

I want to express my gratitude for all the assistance Araceli has given to my father's case. From the moment I contacted your office I knew I had selected the right firm. We received an appointment immediately and after meeting with Tom Ard and Araceli the work began. We are still in the process of the case however Araceli has kept us informed every step of the way, even returning my calls after hours. She went above and beyond accommodating my elderly father to make his appointments near his home and River City therapists even sent a driver for my dad.

Again, Thank You and Araceli for making this unfortunate situation a little more bearable. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs legal assistance and I am confident they will be represented as well as we have been.

Tony T ★★★★★

The people there wouldnt take my case because of the fact that it would have been a small settlement. Deffinatly dont look out for the little guy

Richard Mendez ★★★★★

Friendly staff!!!! Treated me like family! Excellent customer service

Chriselda Perez ★★★★★

Great law firm I think my settlement offer was really fair and they were able to work the numbers out to get me the most money in my pocket.

Taylor Gilbert ★★★★★

I needed assistance with a question about child support and what route I needed to take. I spoke with one of the attorneys at Carabin Shaw and with his advice and guidance I was able to get everything taken care of. will recommend to anyone seeking legal advice

Rachel G ★★★★★

It has been a pleasure doing business with Carabin Shaw law firm. Since the first day we called, they sent someone out to our home after our auto accident. At that time we met Mary. We really have enjoyed working with Mary. We appreciate her great communication and follow up phone calls. We have also met Mr. Ard and Mr. Shaw. Both are very nice and listen to what you have to say. Thank you for your service and keep up the good work.

Deya Marfil ★★★★★

Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff! Would recommend them for any legal needs.

Jessica Luna ★★★★★

I would highly recommend Carabin Shaw to friends and family--I have had a great experience with this firm and I want to specifically mention Mary Lopez----Mary is OUTSTANDING and this firm is truly blessed for having such a wonderful employee! Mary is timely, she is efficient and she follows up everyday.....I can honestly say that anytime I have a question Mary is right there to answer it....when you go through a traumatic event in life such as a car accident, the last thing you need is any added stress or frustrations, I am pleased to say that Mary Lopez has been an angel! Mary deserves a raise! Nice work Carabin Shaw!

Carol Ertl ★★★★★

I was in an auto accident in March and hired an attorney whom I have never even spoken with face to face. The firm is so unprofessional, never called me back or answered my emails and can't even get a direct answer from them, finally when I do hear from them its not good news, trying to make me think there is no recovery for me and I will have to pay for my own surgery. I called Mr. Shaw and spoke with him, he is so kind and very professional. He gives you information up front, no beating around the bush. If I could start over I would definitely have hired him to represent me and If I don't get my current attorney to do the right thing then I will fire him and hire Mr. Shaw. Before you ever hire an attorney I recommend you do your homework and read all the reviews on a Law firm, cause it can really make or break you and I am telling you this from experience. The reviews on this law firm speak for themselves. Thank you Mr. Shaw for helping me see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Miranda Casarez ★★★★★

I just want to thank Anna and James Shaw from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond for my case. Not only Anna and James but the entire team of CarabinShaw welcomed myself with open arms and answers at any time of the day. This team really cares for their clients and I highly recommend CarabinShaw to care of you as well.

Melanie Cardenas ★★★★★

Honest, responsive and always kept us well informed. We worked closely with Araceli Marfil during our case process and I have to say that it was the easiest process ever. We always knew the next step and everything was always explained to us in detail. I would definitely recommend this firm! Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication you put into our case.

Shelley Fagg ★★★★★

Hector Q. Martinez -
My mother past away a few months ago & she was the one who took care of all the legal issues in our family, tickets, taxes, estate planning, wills etc. I myself have never needed an attorney before, so when I did I was glad to have Hector Q. Martinez there to guide me through. He made every part of the process so smooth it left me asking “Are you sure that’s it, that’s all we have to do?” From the initial consultation, through the “waiting game” (which I was constantly updated by his assistant Norma) to the final signing & processing of the legal documents downtown I can’t believe the ease of it.

It is rare to find an assistant like Norma who actually follows up with clients plus she always made sure I was completely in the loop every step of the way. GREAT communication & correspondence skills. It is even rarer to find an attorney that really cares & takes the time to explain everything to you, in words you can understand.

For my first time having to deal with a situation that involved an attorney, I am so glad we had Hector.
Shelley Fagg San Antonio, TX

Kimberly Rabago ★★★★★

I had a car accident yesterday and i called first thing in the morning and i was greeted by nothing but kindness immediatly i was seen referred to a Dr and met mr.shaw himself. I am so happy to have a good lawyer on my side.

Marshall Medley ★★★★★

I was involved in an auto accident in November. Carabin Shaw took care of all my needs,
Araceli Marfil did a fantastic job assisting me,she was professional and very punctual. I would highly recommend this law office.

Satisfied client

Gilbert Zavala ★★★★★

I recently had an issue with a property title change and was not looking foward to the process.But to my surprise and my good fortune, I had an opportunity of working with a Mr. Hector Q. Martinez. Mr Martinez and his legal assistant Norma Linda were very insightful and very friendly. They took my concerns and issues, and in a very timely manner resolved it. I would definitely recommend them to all in search of a superb legal team.

PhysicalSuperSonic13 ★★★★★

George Escobedo and his Team were great! Bench decision was ruled in my favor. Would recommend to family and friends.
Thank you so much!!

Justin Williams ★★★★★

I've done business with Mr. James Shaw and he's a great guy to work with and would recommend to anyone. First class law firm!!!

Isaac Munoz ★★★★★

my experience was wonderful they treated me with the most up right respect. always keep me up to date on my case and made me feel comfortable with any decision that had to be made. i highly suggest this law firm.

Patricia Valdez ★★★★★

Carabin Shaw has assisted my daughter on her case, I appreciate the time & work the office put to get the assistance she needed. I, myself have a case and the Legal Assistant Yvette has been very informative & comforting. Thank you.

K Jordan ★★★★★

I was in an auto accident and when I wasn't getting anywhere with the other drivers insurance company, I first called one of those big shot lawyers on the phone book. They didn't even want to hear about my case. I guess they didn't think they could make enough money off of my injuries. I then called Carabin Shaw and I was blessed from that point on. Ashley Wahl was so helpful on the phone, she explained everything and made it all seem better right from the start. I then met with Mr. Shaw and immediately felt very relieived and that they all truly cared about me and my injuries. Ashley would email me to see how my surgery went and how I was doing. Mr. Shaw called me on several occasions to explain how my case was going. He and his entire team have been great. I have not had to worry about anything. They really take care of everything and you don't have to worry about anything. I hope that I am never in another car accident but if I am and the other drivers insurance won't cooperate, I would definitely call Carabin Shaw first!!!
Thanks Carabin Shaw. You guys are great!!!!

Morgan Barrera ★★★★★

Wonderful working with Carabin Shaw. Elena at the Rockport office is top notch and fights for your case. No other attorney would I choose for mine or my families needs. Thanks Carabin Shaw!

Mark Might ★★★★★

i called in for help got blown off and ignored. I'm a member of AFGE 2455 union seems they do not care at all here

Lupe Cantu ★★★★★

After being denied twice for SSD I new I needed help from an attorney. To my surprise I was very happy and thankful that my SSD got approved the third time in front of a disability judge. I am satisfied with the outcome of how everything went. Legal assistant Ashley Morales and Attorney George Escobedo were so professional and helpful with me. I would like to thank them for all their help.

Brenda Mauldin ★★★★★

The staff at CARABIN SHAW have been very helpful and always friendly. We appreciate their prompt service.

Apa Aguero ★★★★★

very professional staff real courteous and really look out for you good firm to have on your side

Esther Moreno ★★★★★

I had the opportunity to deal with Hector Martinez and Ms. Quinones. They helped me settle a Power of Attorney dealing with my elderly mother. Mr. Martinez took the time to explain things to my mother. He spoke to her in English and Spanish and it made my mom feel at ease. I was very satisfied with all the information they both gave me. I would recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you, Mr. Hector Martinez and Ms. Quinones!

Bryan Mcleland ★★★★★

Fast, they listen and always been helpful to me and others. I would recommend them to everyone

Greg Flores ★★★★★

We thank Carabin Shaw for all there help and We will always recommend them with my family and friends now and in the future . Thank you for being there for our family.

Michele Pindell ★★★★★

I was involved in an accident end of January in San Antonio Texas but currently reside in another state. I was told by a friend of my husband who is currently in Texas to contact this law firm. I finally received my settlement September 25th. They were very nice and always answered my questions and calls. I never felt I was dealing with this alone.

Are Jai ★★★★★

Terrible experience.
Was in a car accident, got t-boned. Broken foot, whiplash, back problems, car totaled.
Took them days to return calls/voicemails, send information, mail letters/packages.
Wasn't thorough whatsoever. In fact, probably have to hire another attorney to pick up their slack.

Jeff Shaw ★★★★★

Carabin Shaw is a great law firm and has been very helpful answering legal questions over the years.

Molly Drought ★★★★★

Jamie Shaw always keeps his word. Carabin Shaw is a group of professional, compassionate attorneys that take complete care of their clients.

Secoya Ramsey ★★★★★

I called twice and the quiet girl that kept answering the phone apparently can't hear kept hanging up on the 3 call she finally heard me and said they only handle motor personal injuries and I asked about slip and falls then she said oh ya and those to ........

Leticia Rangel ★★★★★

I took my dad in twice to Carabin Shaw And my Dad was very satisfied that he didn't have to to go out of his way for any reason . Carabin Shaw took care of everything for my dad that was needed. Hector Martinez our attorney did a wonderful job and would recommend for future use!

Alexandra Donnelly ★★★★★

I called them after a car accident I had had last year. They were very professional and always kept me up to date on my case. I will always go back to C&S. My lawyers name was Tom.

T Flottman ★★★★★

When my husband was in an accident the other party was sited for not having insurance. We were upset but obtained the services of Carabin Shaw. Thank God we did. We would never have received any type of settlement without them. My husband and I highly recommend Carabin Shaw.

Mary Abundis ★★★★★

Great Service

Marian Sue Holdsworth Nicholas ★★★★★

Carabin Shaw was there for me during a very difficult time. They returned my calls quickly and represented me so perfectly. I totally recommend them if you are going through a difficult time and you need a strong lawyer.

Monica Pinon ★★★★★

Staff is friendly. Great place.

Tex Huggs ★★★★★

Just wonderful, Ashley Wahl is a delight to talk to and puts you at ease when you are upset and not sure how to handle a situation that you have never been in before. If she wasn't sure about something, she will get you the answer quickly. When I call its like talking to people you know and care about you. I was refered by my brother in law and not sorry, I will recomend Carabin Shaw to the people here in Mason, a small town and who ever needs great attorneys and great people to work with. Again thanks Ashley for being so professional and great to talk to.

James Griffin ★★★★★

My experience with mr shaw and his partner was great. They answered all my questions and concerns . When we lift his office we were so much at PEACE. Now we know what direction we need to go. Hopefully I'll never be in another accident but if I am mr. shaw will be the first one I'll call. Thanks a million! !!

Tiffany Delatorres ★★★★★

Tom Ard was pleasure to work with, very professional. Would definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you

Nicole Anderson ★★★★★

They answered my question after hours and for free; that was amazing! Thank you Carabin Shaw.

jazzz666 ★★★★★

Last christmas me and my family were involved in a terrible car crash when we were on our way to Austin, all the way from Mexico. I cannot tell you how grateful we are with Carabin Shaw, they were with us, helping us out at all times and always with the greatest attitude. I recommend the firm to all tourists visiting the country, and if you only speak spanish you can contact Ms Aracely Marfil, one of the attorneys assistants, she was in charge of our case and she solved our problem!

Felicia Rivera ★★★★★

called to get info, receptionist was super nice and friendly !

Christopher Reyes ★★★★★

My experience with carabin shaw has been excellent, I worked directly with Tracey Leonard, she is always a ball.

Albert Valdez ★★★★★

I got into a bad car wreck where I sustained severe shoulder and neck injuries. Carabin Shaw showed me extreme kindness and guided me through my recovery.

Sandra Orozco ★★★★★

Thanks to Araceli G. Marfil for helping me and my family with this case I highly recommend this firm they are well prepare and committed to help you.

Brenda Camarillo ★★★★★

I was in a car accident in 2009. I hired Carabin Shaw as my attorneys. They were curtious and always had time to answer any question that I may have had. The attorney Scott worked hard for me and was able to get me a settlement with all parties involved. I would hire them again if I was in need. They don't only do personal injury they do al types of cases that may be needed.

Drive Laken ★★★★★

Joseph R Echavarria helped me with my provisional license. He was proactive by reaching out to me VIA cell several times and clearly explained the best course of action for me. Mr. Echavarria had a vacation scheduled July 4th so, on July 2nd, he filed my paperwork in court, had a judge sign off on it and scheduled a meeting with me to give me the documents on the 2nd. The fact that I gave Mr. Echavarria my information on July 1st made this even more exceptional customer service. He went above and beyond what would be expected because he "didn't want me to go without a valid license any longer than necessary."

Also, this is the second time I have obtained a provisional license. The first time was with a different San Antonio based law firm. I had to wait a week for my first attorney to get my court ordered license to me versus Echavarria's less than 24 hour turn around time!

Finally, obtaining a provisional license is the first step in the process and I can't begin to describe the relief I have knowing that Mr. Echavarria is my attorney.

I highly recommend Joseph R Echavarria because he exceeded my expectations.

Michelle Romero ★★★★★

Awesome staff and great service can always count on Carabin Shaw

James Saldana ★★★★★

Great team! Very professional and understanding.

Chris Hofmockel ★★★★★

Nice people, down to earth.

Jeremy Jessop ★★★★★

Mr. Shaw keeps his word! Carabin Shaw is a great law firm!

Andrea Vidales ★★★★★


John Angel Medina ★★★★★

It is a a some what cool place I clean the office for them it is a pleasure meeting all the attorneys

Justine Tovar ★★★★★

Amazing customer's, very friendly staff!!

Elizabeth Cano ★★★★★

Anna is wonderful to work with. I couldnt be happier choosing this office!

Laynie Williams ★★★★★

Araceli has been so helpful and is working quickly to get me a resolution with the insurance company! Thank you Araceli!

AD3 ★★★★★

Some problems with the delivery of the property damage check. But they gave me 1 of theirs checks so I don't have to wait until the issues with the delivery are solved. Thank you.

Samantha Garcia ★★★★★

Great, friendly office staff!

Henry Drought IV ★★★★★

Jamie Shaw is a man of his word backed by a very professional firm that's over the top.

Angel G ★★★★★

cynthia bego is awesome Thanks so much for your professionalism

Alejandra Garcia ★★★★★

Samantha is helpful , front desk

Christopher Cantu ★★★★★

friendly staff very respectful

Vanessa Rodriguez ★★★★★

Great staff!

Maria Solis ★★★★★

Great staff

Maria ★★★★★

Very helpful and compassionate!

Alex Szary ★★★★★


Martin Gutierrez ★★★★★

They put us in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Angel Hernandez ★★★★★

Ibamos como turistas de Monterrey a Austin y tuvimos un Accidente de auto en el que la Srita. Aracely Marfil de Carabin Shaw nos visito en el hospital el mismo dia que les llamamos, dándonos ayuda en Español y la confianza de tener un buen respaldo frente a nuestros problemas, desde el inicio hasta el final del caso, por ello Muchas Gracias.

Francisco Gallardo ★★★★★

Cuando tengas un problema, ellos te ayudan!!!