Criminal Law

Drug Offenses

If you, your child, or a loved one is facing a charge for any drug offense, it is crucial you contact the Attorneys at Carabin Shaw for a free consultation.  The criminal consequences for a drug offense vary by type of drug, the total weight of the alleged drug and whether the Government is charging an intent to distribute or manufacture.  Aside from the possibility of Jail or prison, there are additional concerns relating to having a drug conviction on your record. Drug convictions can prevent future job prospects, revoke your driving privileges, and can even prevent your ability to get student loans. Have the right lawyers by your side. Call Carabin Shaw.   

The Government has progressively become more aggressive in the search, arrest and conviction of individuals for drug offenses, even for small amounts of Marijuana.  This is true, especially, in South Texas. However, it is important to remember that even in the face of aggressive law enforcement, you still have rights. 

In drug cases, in particular, your lawyer must protect your rights.  There are certain areas that your lawyer must examine in relation as whether the Government even had the right to search you, your home or your vehicle.  Call Carabin Shaw for your free consultation.