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Military Law and Courts-Martial Representation

Battling for Your Rights in Military Court

As a proud member of the military forces, you have dedicated your life to defending your country. If you are facing military criminal charges or under investigation, you need a defense team that is equally committed to defending your rights.

In the military, there are both criminal charges and conduct charges. Conduct charges can arise from certain actions committed by a member of the military even though that conduct would not be a crime in the civilian world. Criminal charges can arise when a member of the military commits a criminal act either while on or off base.

It is possible, although not very common, for a member of the military to commit an act off base and be prosecuted both by the military and the civilian courts. We provide defense in the event that case is tried in a civilian court.  While a conduct charge may not carry civilian consequences (such as being labeled a "felon" or registering as a sex offender), having a conduct charge sustained against you will, nevertheless, most likely severely impact your career and follow you into the civilian world; often it simply destroys the warriors’ career potential and results in a subsequent discharge upon conviction, even if no prison time is imposed and only results in a reduction of rank and a forfeiture of pay. 


If you have been questioned or if you have been told an investigator wants to speak with you, experienced legal counsel should be consulted and retained immediately. Do not make any voluntary statements upon any interrogation and immediately request an attorney to advise you.  Admitting to the most "innocent" facts will often be used in an attempt to courts-martial you.

Immediate action is needed to insure the best possible defense, even if you do not know if you will be charged and even if you do not believe you have done anything wrong. If you have been questioned or if you have been told an investigator wants to speak with you, experienced legal counsel should be immediately retained.

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Carabin Shaw attorneys are determined to gather the resources necessary to create the most favorable outcome possible for their clients and have a track record of generating those results. They grew frustrated with the fact that thousands of people still suffer life-altering consequences because they do not have the ability to mount an adequate defense.

Carabin Shaw attorneys intend to level the playing field. They use only highly trained trial lawyers knowledgeable in the area of military crime investigation.

At Carabin Shaw, we work diligently to prevent charges from being filed in the first place. With our skilled and experienced attorneys, we know how to implement techniques that have proven successful for many individuals facing extremely serious charges. Even if charges are filed, they have been successful in avoiding criminal convictions and significant criminal consequences. Remember, both your career, and the rest of your life, hangs in the balance by securing expert legal advice.

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