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Medical Malpractice in Floresville: Who's Liable?

If during a medical diagnosis or procedure your healthcare provider in Floresville fails to provide reasonable, quality care for your recovery, or worse, if you suffer further injury through their care, you may very likely have a medical malpractice case. Thorough review of your medical records by a Floresville medical malpractice attorney from Carabin Shaw is the first step to identifying where your treatment went wrong, as well as ensuring no further harm comes to you in the immediate future.

Standard of care is a legal term frequently used when referring to the quality of care providers are expected to give patients, and is defined in most legal dictionaries as “the caution that a reasonable person in similar circumstances would exercise in providing care to a patient.” When your Carabin Shaw attorney sets out to determine whether you have a case of medical malpractice in Floresville, he or she will use every available resource to determine if your experience met the legal standard of care.

Although you may initially file your claim for medical malpractice in Floresville, who’s liable will ultimately determine where your case must be settled or brought to trial. Don’t let this worry you; Carabin Shaw has law offices in every corner of the state, and we handle business even if you can’t be there in person. Call us today to meet one of our attorneys for a free consultation; the attorneys at Carabin Shaw will always be there to provide you with the right representation.

Medical Malpractice in Floresville: Who’s Liable?

The law is complex when determining liability; multiple parties have the potential to be held liable for your injuries, including physicians, hospitals, and medical supplies, and certain requirements must be met to determine whether any combination were responsible. When you speak with our attorneys at Carabin Shaw we will evaluate and ask pertinent questions that will help to determine exactly who should be included in the lawsuit.

There are four legal requirements that must be proven in order for Carabin Shaw attorneys in Floresville to successfully argue your claim.

  • First, we must be able to prove your doctor failed to provide an acceptable “standard of care” appropriate to your condition.
  • Second, it must be shown that there was a responsibility of your doctor to provide you care, i.e. that you had a doctor-patient relationship.
  • Third, that a causative relationship exists between your physician’s substandard care and the injury in question, such as an irresponsible misdiagnosis that delayed crucial treatment.
  • Finally and most importantly, there must be evidence you suffered the harm in the first place. An attorney can take the pressure off of you here by petitioning the courts to subpoena your medical records, or even enlist the opinion of an outside medical expert.
Other Important Aspects of Your Malpractice Claim

These probably aren’t the only frequently asked questions you’ll have throughout the life of your case. One important fact all malpractice victims need to know is what time constraints they may be operating under. The statute of limitations allows two years to file a claim for most malpractice injury cases; there are some exceptions to this, however; such as in cases involving children or defective medical equipment. Every case is unique, so speak with a Carabin Shaw attorney today to determine if it is in your best interests to act now.

Additionally, if you were led to us because another law firm advised you that your case wasn’t strong enough to win, you came to the right professionals. An attorney’s perspective on the probably success of your case is almost always based on their own strengths and experience; just because one lawyer may feel your case can’t be won doesn’t mean a more experienced professional won’t be able to. If you aren’t happy with your first attorney’s advice, by all means, seek a second opinion.

Your previous experience with an attorney may have also left you worried about legal fees that soar with records requested, court fees, and additional expertise. Worry no more with Carabin Shaw; these expenses are carried by our office and paid out of the settlement once your case is finalized, and if we don’t win, you pay nothing.

As you worry about your case of medical malpractice in Floresville, who’s liable for damages, and what rights you have as a victim, don’t second-guess your dilemma; you need expert guidance and insight from the attorneys at Carabin Shaw in Floresville to help you make an informed decision.

Visit our Floresville offices located at 923 10th Street, Suite 101, Unit 193, or call us today at 830-393-8822 or toll-free at 800-862-1260. We’ll gladly arrange to meet with you in person or at the hospital for a free consultation to discuss the options available to you.

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