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Put a Hail Damage Attorney on Your Side

Those living in San Antonio expect rain and only rain when dark clouds fill the sky, but sometimes mother nature shakes things up with a torrent of hail. After this meteorological assault, you are apt to check your property for damage. You might find that, yes, the downpour was as apocalyptic as it sounded. You make a call to your insurance provider only to learn that you’ve paid good money for them to say, flat and unfriendly, “No. Sorry. Your policy doesn’t cover that.” They might be lying, so your next step is to put a hail damage attorney on your side. Enter Carabin Shaw and our San Antonio hail damage attorneys. We will reveal the truth and make your provider pay up when they should.

Here is a nasty fact: Most insurance companies hire lawyers who get them out of paying claims. Scummy? Sure is. Please don’t take their word on anything, especially when it comes to the complicated policies that are supposed to cover hail damage. Seek the assistance of trustworthy lawyers, ones who work against, not for the insurance companies. The Carabin Shaw lawyers of San Antonio are always on your side.

Many people underestimate the destructive potential of hail, or simply don’t consider hailstorms a great threat since they are relatively rare. When San Antonio does get hail, it is usually little more than a pebbly sprinkle. But the truth is—a little hail goes a long way. A modest hail storm can leave you with a damaged house, while your insurance provider skips off without paying a cent. Put a hail damage attorney on your side, and fight back, especially the experienced lawyers at Carabin Shaw.

But before you sound your battle cry, you should know a little about the most common variety of hail damage, namely roof damage. The impact of hail can break up your shingles into a jagged jigsaw puzzle, and you can’t always count on your insurance carrier to help you solve it. Most carriers offer full coverage for roofs less than ten years old. But they usually only cover partial damage (if that) when your roof is older than ten years.

Most carriers require a roof inspection before you buy a policy, and the condition of your roof determines the amount your carrier will pay. When you finally need them, your insurance provider can easily lie about the former condition of your roof or say that they have no record of a prior inspection. So before you call your insurer, give Carabin Shaw a ring to talk to one of our hail damage attorneys . We offer a free consultation and see to it that your insurance company treats you fairly.

It’s too easy for insurance providers to rip off their customers. If you are embroiled in a legal dispute with your homeowners or business insurance company, it is in your best interest to put a hail damage attorney on your side.

The legal team of Carabin Shaw aggressively protects all the rights of policyholders throughout Texas. If you or a loved one faces an undervalued or denied claim or other “bad faith” practice by an insurance company, reach out to schedule your free consultation with a member of our San Antonio hail damage insurance claim team. With more than twenty years of experience, Carabin Shaw knows every trick in their book and has the legal expertise to win.

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