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Were You or Someone You Know a Victim of the Recent Hail Storms in San Antonio?

Was your home or business, here in San Antonio, or in the surrounding areas, damaged in one of the recent hail storms? Call Carabin Shaw for help.

You’re not alone. According to collected weather data and news reports, Bexar County, and San Antonio were all hit hard by hail moving with wind gusting to around 50 MPH. Hail Storms were reported by the news in parts of Bexar County to be between 1.5 to 2 inches in size. Although this hailstorm was not a hurricane, San Antonio and Bexar County residents will feel the effects for years to come.

At Carabin Shaw, we’ve seen many, many cases in San Antonio and all across Bexar County where greedy insurance companies have sought to increase their profits by denying, delaying, and underpaying the rightful and lawful claims by innocent property owners. These property and business owners were victimized by hail storms and wind storms which have caused thousands of dollars’ of damage to the property owners. These greedy practices are ILLEGAL. You’ve paid ENOUGH already in payments and premiums to your insurer. It is time for them to step up and pay what they legally owe to the people who paid them premiums for years.

Inside the Numbers

In 2013, State Farm, by itself, made more than $68.3 BILLION in revenue. To give that number some perspective, that’s in excess of Nike, Visa and McDonald’s, COMBINED! When things are said and done, an insurer is another big business trying to make a profit. They try and do this, sometimes, even if they have to break the law and reject your covered, rightful claim. In excess of 6,500 suits are already pending with District Court in McAllen for that hail storm. That means that more than 6,500 different claims have been rejected. This means that 6,500 different families just like yours, have more than 6,500 different true stories of how ordinary, hardworking, people paid their premiums, and the good citizens of Mission, Alton and were unjustly denied and left out in the cold to pay for their own leaky roofs, torn up fences, broken windows, and damaged homes from their own pockets by the multi-billion dollar insurance companies. Prevent this from happening to you after the San Antonio and Bexar County storms. We can help. Our dedicated attorneys at Carabin Shaw are used to fighting insurance companies. They think that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It’s high time to your rightful claim and you, PAID.

So, What if my Rightful Claim was Underpaid, Delayed or Denied?

Call the Hail storm experienced legal team at Carabin Shaw immediately. Under Texas Law, your insurance companies might be held liable to pay up to THREE TIMES, that’s triple, all damages for behaving with bad faith and might even have to pay for your reasonable attorney’s fees. Carabin Shaw is here to assist you and your loved ones while navigating the frequently complex claims process required by all insurance policies and get you the compensation you and your family rightly deserve. You may well be entitled to much, much more than the insurance company has already payed you.

Call us at Carabin Shaw. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call 800-862-1260.

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