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Recent Developments with SJS

Over the last five years, SJS or Stevens-Johnson Syndrome has received more and more media attention as more and more individuals are unfortunately diagnosed with the heartbreaking news of this debilitating and most painful disease. Also extremely unfortunate is the news that many of the newest victims are young children, most of whom have severe allergic reactions to certain medications. And many more SJS news stories involve our Country's youth who have developed SJS from antibiotics.  It is believed that everyday individuals are suffering severe allergic reaction to penicillin and other drugs on the watch list. Individuals across the country are developing skin rashes over hands, arms legs, and face and lesions across their bodies.

Recently, the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration halted production on the children's attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder drug "Sparlon" due to recent findings in a patient safety study.  In March of 2006, the FDA discovered and/or acknowldged that reliable clinical trial data of the drug "Sparlon" had revealed that at least four participants under the study developed SJS, as opposed to the standard rate of one out of one million occurrences. The FDA determined that this rate was too high to be safe, and thus requested further safety before approving the drug.

Thereafter the bi-polar drug "Lamectal" was also linked to Stevens Johnson Syndrome.The initial diagnosis of the individual on the drug "Lamectal" was initially confused with mononucleosis but fortunately the individual was later properly diagnosed with an allergic reaction to Lamectal when the rashes spread to her mouth and eyes. The individual recovered her vision but the ordeal left permanet scars as a constant reminder of the dangers of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

In one of the most disturbing SJS stories, a  young seven year old girl suffered permanent blindness when the disorder spread to her eyes after she took Children's Motrin. There was no prior warning to advise parents of the potential for the drug to cause severe allergic reactions, and innocent children are paying the price for the negligence of drug companies who put their profits ahead of the safety of their customers.

These SJS new stories and developments reflect a growing trend of the irresponsibility of drug companies to adequately or properly advise its' customers of the potential dangers of their products. There is "no excuse" when a drug causes more harm than good, and these irresponsible companies should be held accountable for the harm they cause. If you or someone you know suffered from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or any other skin-related complication due to medication, you may be entitled to collect compensation for your traumatic condition.  Call us day or night.
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