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Construction Accidents and Dangers

Construction accidents and dangers can often be devastating and can have major economic and emotional impacts on the workers involved and their families. It is well recognized that most construction workers are exposed to a wide variety of hazards and face a greater risk of work-related injury or fatality than employees in any other U.S. industry. In San Antonio, there appear to be three main reasons for this: the recent boom in construction, the lack of safety training, and the growth in the number of non-English speaking workers.

Following the economic recession of 2008, many metropolitan areas have been spending money on their infrastructure, making repairs that were not addressed for a number of years and trying to boost the local economy while money is available. This has led to almost a decade of constant construction in and around San Antonio, which also means more and more construction accidents and dangers. Our attorneys have seen an increase in personal injury, work injury, and workers' compensation cases that corresponds with the increase in local construction sites. This recent boom has given our lawyers years of practice handling the aforementioned cases, so if you or someone you know has been involved in any kind of work-related accident, give us a call today.

Our San Antonio construction accident lawyer will often begin their investigation by focusing on how much safety-oriented training was provided before work began. This is an excellent way to highlight not just what factors may have led to these particular construction site injuries, but also which contributing factors were missing from the work site. Your attorney would then go on to investigate company-wide safety training practices, and in cases where the lack of training is significant, a company negligence suit may be yet another strategy we can use to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

No matter what language a person speaks, safety cannot afford to be disregarded. In fact, when a language barrier is present, even more time and care should be taken to make sure every employee fully comprehends the rules and policies of on-site behavior before starting work. Many San Antonio-based construction companies have tried to use the argument that if the worker had spoken the same language as their boss or fellow workers, certain accidents could have been avoided entirely. But as we all know, and as the lawyers at Carabin Shaw have proven many times, construction accidents and dangers do not wait for fluent conversation between co-workers to occur. Our attorneys have shown that, especially in San Antonio, it is legal and equally fair to expect English-speaking employers to learn key words, such as peligroso and cuidado, to help prevent the unexpected from being more harmful than need be.

Serious medical problems can result from the following construction-related accidents: falling from a roof, crane accidents, scaffolding accidents, non-roof falls, run-overs by operating equipment, lifting equipment failure, electric shock, trench collapses, fires and explosions, highway vehicle incidents, compressed gases accidents, and welding accidents.

Because the workers' compensation laws in this state provide limited recoveries to the injured employee (no award for pain and suffering or future economic loss), it is important to identify all parties responsible for your injuries to assure maximum recovery. The experienced lawyers at Carabin Shaw can help you to evaluate and pursue third-party claims against parties responsible for your injuries other than your co-employees and/or your employer. This will assure you the recovery you deserve. Immediate and aggressive investigation of these third-party claims is often essential to their success.

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