Construction Site Injuries

Construction Law - An Overview

Whether on a small home improvement project at an individual's home or on a major commercial development, the construction worker is faced with some of the most dangerous working conditions in the United States. Deadly work-related injuries on construction sites occur everyday. Despite state and federal regulations, safety inspections and job safety programs - construction project injuries and deaths continue to plague the industry.  Construction accidents continue to occur on a regular basis due in part to the nature of the work itself and a variety of common-place hazards. The hazards include falling from un-netted high-beams, scaffolds and other high elevations.  Everyday individuals are being injured and killed when struck by moving, falling or shifting machinery, electrocutions, exposure to asbestos, exposure to hazardous chemicals, defective or unsafe equipment and injuries caused by lifting and/or repetitive motion type injuries. If you or your loved one has suffered injuries or a wrongful death as the result of a construction accident call our Law Firm at 1.800.862.1260.