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Oilfield Accident Attorneys

America’s transportation system largely runs off gasoline, which is used to power commercial distribution across the vast, American highway system. While advances are being made in renewable and alternative sources of energy, for the time being, the most prevalent source is from refined fossil fuels. This means that in places like Texas (adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico) the oil industry makes up a huge portion of the local economy. Large conglomerates and business interests center on the demand for oil to fuel transportation and even the production of oil-byproducts such as various plastics and even petroleum jelly. This in turn means that much of the extraction, refinement, organization and transportation of oil products occurs in or around Texas urban centers such as San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

However, with such a large and growing industry the demand for oil field and offshore workers also must increase. Anyone who has ever worked in the oil industry knows the risks of working in an oilfield or on an offshore rig. This is by far one of the most dangerous occupations, far outreaching the dangers of logging, farming, or even construction. Accidents, injuries and fatalities are almost inherently part of the job when it comes to working on the front lines of oil extraction. Often times companies and insurers are reluctant to pay-out in the case of an accident, and, in such cases, those who have fallen victim to an oilfield accident need to enlist the help of experienced oilfield accident attorneys. You want a knowledgeable Carabin Shaw lawyer on your side.

With a huge increase in demand for oil and natural gas, the amount of drilling activities across the State has skyrocketed. We now see round the clock drilling activities across Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Pennsylvania and Nebraska. With this huge increase in drilling also comes a huge increase in employment by the oil industry, and that increase in turn leads to an increase in accidents and injuries in extraction and construction site injuries. Considering how common these injuries can be, it’s no surprise that developed parts of Texas, such as San Antonio would see an increased rate of accidents. If you or someone you know has been injured in an oilfield accident in or around San Antonio, you’ll want to contact a local group of oilfield accident attorneys to handle your case, so as to ensure you and your loved ones are represented by lawyers that have a working knowledge of the local statutes. At Carabin Shaw our expert team of San Antonio oilfield accident lawyers has a wealth of experience in both local accident and injury law and specific knowledge of common risks and liabilities in the oil industry. With this rise in demand for crews more and more inexperienced workers and unsafe or under maintained equipment finds itself on the front line of drilling. This has led to more dangerous work environments. With these more dangerous work environments, more work injuries occur as a result of blowouts, pipeline explosions and other well site accidents. Additionally, large urban centers, such as San Antonio, serve as transportation hubs for the oil that has been extracted in more remote areas of Texas. The transportation of oil has its own risks that can often result in accidents and create a need for experienced oilfield accident attorneys to step in and defend the injured parties from larger insurers and corporations, attorneys just like those employed here at Carabin Shaw.

At Carabin Shaw our individual clients are always our attorneys’ top priority. Our professional team of accident and injury lawyers boasts years of experience when it comes to defending the rights of those injured on the job-site. So if you’ve been involved in work-related accident, don’t hesitate to call Carabin Shaw and let our team of veteran lawyers get you the compensation you deserve.

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