Auto Accidents

Injuries and Accidents

A wide array of injuries can be caused anytime an auto accident occurs. Each individual’s injuries are different and there are several factors that will determine the type and severity of the injury received. 

However, there are many injuries that are more common than others and are seen in a higher frequency after an auto accident occurs: 

The first and most common type of injury in any accident is whiplash or a situation where ones neck or back is so stiff they cannot turn to the left or right or look up or down.  This situation is very painful.

When a vehicle gets in an accident, it will make contact with another object, for example a second car, wall or barrier. The impact that is placed upon the vehicle will cause it to move from a high speed to almost no speed at all. 

When an impact occurs, the driver of the vehicle is normally protected by a seatbelt. The safety belt holds the driver’s torso in a fixed position. However, the head and the neck are not fixed and will therefore whip forward and backward with the high impact.
This medical condition is known as whiplash. Whiplash can cause some very serious medical issues including strains, muscle pain, sprains and stiffness.  In some cases the whipping forward and back with the neck or back can cause a life changing injury to the spinal cord.
Other common injuries in accidents are contusions and concussions. 

During an accident, three collisions actually take place.

The first collision takes place when a vehicle hits another object. It is an external impact to the vehicle. 

The second collision takes places when the driver’s body makes contact with any part of the interior of the car. Steering wheels, airbags, windshields, seatbelts or dashboards are all common places for a body to hit during the sheer force of an accident.
The third collision that takes place during an accident is when the brain moves from its normal place in the head and hits into the skull. The brain is suspended in fluid in the skull and has the ability to move when the head is rapidly forced or jerked around. 

Once the soft and delicate brain hits the hard skull, bruising and bleeding of the brain can occur. 
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