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Texas Car Wreck Lawyers

Car wrecks are the leading cause of injuries to individuals in the United States, resulting in thousands of catastrophic injuries and deaths each year. Each and every year, millions are injured and killed due to auto accidents. Auto accident losses occur for many different reasons, including distracted drivers, heavy traffic, and drunk drivers. It is important to understand that Texas Law entitles you to monetary damages and compensation for your injuries sustained in a car wreck. If you or a family member have been injured in a car wreck and the car wreck was caused by someone's negligence, call our Law Firm.

Victims of Car Wrecks can maybe faced with medical expenses, emotional issues and financial damages. Car accident victim injuries often include whiplash, head and brain injury, and damages to joints, bones, and muscles. Physical injuries can be costly and rob you of time spent with your family and friends, the ability to earn a living at work, and much more. An injured person may recover damages for lost earning capacity, reasonable medical expenses, permanent impairment, compensation for lost property, and pain and suffering. These damages can include both present and future expected losses.

If you are involved in car accident or car wreck, keep these helpful tips in mind:

Report the Accident: Always, Always, Always call the police to report the car wreck and inform the police of the number of people who are injured, so that enough emergency personnel respond to the scene. Advise all the proper agencies of the occurrence. This may include your own insurance company, filing a police report and the company/person who owns or controls the site where the injury took place.

Seek Medical Attention: Even if you don’t require emergency medical care, you should consult a physician or chiropractor about your injuries, as soon as possible. Some time might pass before you are fully aware of the extent of your injuries. Certain injuries may not be apparent until sometime after an accident. Consulting with a doctor may prevent any delay in your treatment and any aggravation of your injury. Even minor soreness can be an indication of a more significant injury.

Identify all of the Parties Involved: You and the other driver should exchange information, including the other driver's name, address, phone number, drivers license number, license plate number, insurance carrier, policy number, and agent's name and telephone number. Get the names, phone numbers and addresses of anyone who saw what occurred. Obtain identifying information from any witnesses to the accident, and ask the police officer who investigates the scene to provide you with a business card and the "incident number," so that you can obtain an accident report.

Take Photos: If possible take photographs from every angle of the scene of the accident, any visible injuries and all the vehicles involved in the car wreck.

Keep a Diary: Identify any unusual changes in yourself. This may include all pains and aches, changes in behavior, memory loss, etc. Ask family members or friends if they have noticed any changes in your behavior.

Document, Document, Document: Document all of your losses, including medical bills, reasonable transportation costs related to the injuries, future medical treatment, lost wages, future loss of earnings, the effect on your family, and the effect on your life. An experienced attorney can help you identify all losses that may be related to your accident.

Don’t Settle Your Claim with the Insurance Company Until You Know Your Injuries: It is a simple fact persons represented by an experienced and qualified attorney recover substantially more money on their insurance claims. Insurance companies are sophisticated. If and when an insurance company does offer a settlement, it is often far less than your claim is worth.

Seek Advice from an Experienced Attorney: Our Law Firm offers free initial consultations, with no cost or obligation. Even if you don’t hire our firm, we are still willing to sit down with you and discuss your legal options. Call us today, we maybe able to increase a client’s settlement over what the insurance company was offering. This is because we know how these cases are evaluated by the insurance companies and the court system. Our Firm is prepared when we go to court, and for maximizing the value of our clients’ car wreck claims.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck can be stressful. Call our Law Firm today. We can help you navigate through the often complicated process and help you receive the proper compensation for you injuries and damages. If you or someone you know has been involved in an car wreck, automobile collision, car accident, car crash or a personal injury loss contact our Law Firm.

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